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Packaging consumables include different materials used as a combination and binding means for various packaging and strapping machines. Packaging consumables can be used with manual and automatic packaging lines for palletizing, wrapping, bundling, and packaging purposes.

With our wide selection of low-cost packaging materials and supplies, you can stock up to keep your packaging production running at full capacity.

What Gozen Packaging Provide

Our primary focus at Gozen is to design, create and deliver custom packaging for our clients, but we also recognize the importance of having a single source for all of your packaging needs. We carry a wide range of consumables and can get any other products you might need through our key suppliers.

  • Bubble wrap
  • Packaging foam rolls
  • packing tape
  • Polyethylene Bags and Films
  • Postal Mail (Jiffy Bags, Mail-Lites)
  • document closure bag
  • tie-up
  • stretch wrap
  • Adhesives and Hot Melts
  • loose fill
  • Stretch Film – Hand or Machine (Cast or Blown)
  • Shrink wrap and bags (gusset or insert)
  • padding airbag
  • network
  • Straps (polyester, polypropylene, and metal)
  • Tapes (water-activated and pressure sensitive)

We provide custom packaging solutions for businesses of all sizes. From custom shipping bags to custom consumables. From impeccable print quality to reasonable lowest prices to affordable prices, Gozen Packaging is committed to keeping our customers happy and we strive to exceed their every expectation.

Our personalized approach to business means we will work with you one-on-one to meet your custom packaging needs.

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Packaging Consumables - PRODUCTION VIEWS



Case Sharing

Glossy 3-Side Seal Pouch for size 41 shoe insoles with perforations
Clothes Underwear Packaging in three-side-seal-pouch custom printed in flowers
Spout shaped stand up pouch for liquid shampoo, detergents or personal care products refill packing
Custom Printing pure aluminum stand up printer cartridge bags
FSC paper 40g Dried Oranges Packaging Custom Printed Stand Up Pouches
220g Body Scrub Packaging Custom Printed Stand Up Pouch
Toy Game Cards Packaging Custom Printed 3 Side sealed bag
Dried Orange Slices White Kraft Paper Packaging Bag
Compostable PLA coating paper packaging for face masks
Packaging Bags For Smart Phone And Tablets Accessories Packaging Custom Printed 3-side Sealed Bags
Pencil Toppers Toy Packaging Bags 3 Sides Sealed Bags
Game Cards Packaging Bags in Custom Printed Three sealed Bags
Custom Printed 3 Side Sealed PLA Bags Biodegradable Packaging for Phone Screen Protector And Other Consumables Goods Packaging
200g Bath Salts Packaging Bags Spout Stand Up Pouches
5g/0.17oz Massage Gel Powder Sachets Custom Printing Bags For Travel Pack
3kg Wood Pallet Packaging Custom Printed Stand Up Pouches
Handmade candles Flexible packaging bags
Cleaning Erasers, Sponges, Scourers & Cleaning Cloths Packaging
Toilet Unclogging Chemicals Packaging
Reusable Face Mask Printed Packaging Bags

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