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Marijuana Packaging
Marijuana Packaging
Marijuana Packaging
Marijuana Packaging
Marijuana Packaging
Marijuana Packaging
Marijuana Packaging
Marijuana Packaging
Marijuana Packaging
Marijuana Packaging
Marijuana Packaging
Marijuana Packaging
Marijuana Packaging
Marijuana Packaging

Medical Marijuana Packaging Custom Manufacturer

Gozen offers a super wide range of Marijuana packaging bags and pouches. Custom Marijuana packaging bags and pouches printed in your own designs along with features like a childproof zip lock. 100% recyclable, moisture-proof, and smell proof, speak out loudly about your values and ideas.

As well, our CBD packaging and marijuana packaging bags are best for cannabis flowers, CBD infused edibles, pre-rolls, puff bars, medical and recreational items.

Gozen Packaging is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of medical marijuana packaging bags in China. According to local legal requirements, related warnings and regulations are always asked to be printed onto the marijuana bags to protect kids. That is why the marijuana packaging bags are normally in formats of:

    • Zipper smell-proof stand up pouches
    • Zipper smell-proof flat pouches
    • Dispensary mylar bags
    • Child-resistant zipper bags

Child Resistant Cannabis Packaging

Regarding the child-resistant bags, we have full types of child-resistant zippers. From the child-proof dual zip-locks (CPR) to pinch and sliders, to inside pull.

Above all, childproof bags are preferred due to the below features:

  • alternative to a costly big plastic container
  • easy open for adults
  • space saving due to small size.
  • the opaque barrier to keep contents discreet
  • high barrier smell protection for maximum shielding and odor control
  • Smell proof

Regarding the most used materials, we have 2 main options: kraft paper and plastic films. Both of them are with lining laminated. So a longer shelf life is possible for either type.

Often kraft paper bags offer more organic and natural outlooking while plastic materials are able to present more rich and colorful images. So for different branding locations, we suggest different material structures.

Custom Marijuana Packaging

While you might consider standard packaging, especially when starting out as a new business, there are some benefits to getting custom cannabis packaging that standard packaging does not.

For example, standard cannabis packaging often features unremarkable designs that limit creativity and make the product appear more generic. On the other hand, custom cannabis packaging can give you a variety of options in colors, logos, sizes, and other specifications based on your company’s specific needs.

Ultimately, by using custom medical marijuana packaging designs, you’ll give your business and products a better chance to stand out from the competition and be instantly recognized by customers.

You are welcome to get free samples and try your products. Then dimensions and features you like can be settled down. After that, feedback us your preferred designs and we will take care of the rest.
Do not hesitate to contact us in case of need, we will get back to you in 12 hours.

Marijuana Packaging Marijuana Packaging Marijuana Packaging Marijuana Packaging Marijuana Packaging Marijuana Packaging

Marijuana Packaging Bags Manufacutrer - Production Views

Marijuana Packaging
Marijuana Packaging
Marijuana Packaging
Marijuana Packaging
Marijuana Packaging
Marijuana Packaging

Marijuana Packaging Bags Order Shipment Records

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-+"What's important in the packaging of marijuana?"

In addition to the eye-catching designs required on marijuana packaging and bags, the strict regulations requiring compliance with texts and statements on laboratory tests are also very important.

-+Do you print short runs?

Many of cannabis customers need a short run of the packaging printed labels, shrink sleeves and flexible packaging bags.
And they need them NOW. Don’t worry. Our HP indigo digital printing press offers a super fast turnaround time for both large and small runs.

-+Is flexible packaging environmentally friendly?

It may surprise you to learn that flexible packaging is environmentally sustainable. Because we have mono-structure 100% LDPE bags available in house now.

-+Why sometimes a child resistant zipper needed for the dispensary/exit bags?

Child proof or child resistant zipper pouches are for medical products, or products only limited to adult use.

For the reason that childproof bags are finished with safety zip lock mechanisms, small kids are protected from ingesting the harmful chemicals and poisons.

Thanks to the childproof bags, medicinal herbs, edibles, and concentrates, small pharmaceuticals, and chlorine and detergent pods all can be safely stored and used.

-+What are mostly used materials to make CBD products bags?

  • Kraft paper
  • Matte BOPP
  • BOPP
  • PET
  • Matte Oiled PET
  • Aluminum
  • LDPE
  • Soft touch laminating film

-+Is it food grade materials that you use in production of the marijuana packaging bags?

We use FDA-approved food-grade BPA-free plastic films as raw materials.

You are welcome to contact our sales to have the testing reports.

-+What is the MOQ for custom printed marijuana packaging bags?

We have different MOQ for different styles.
Details as below:

1. Stand up pouch | Side gusset bag | Quad seal bags | Three side sealed bags | Flat pouches

Bulk order
MOQ 5000pcs per design. When quantity reaches 10000pcs, unit price looks better.

Trial order
MOQ 500pcs per design.
Or you can also try to understand it in this way, it takes around USD500 as the minimum set-up cost to have bags custom printed.
Sometimes, we have very big promotion prices far less than USD500 for some specified sizes of the bags. Contact our sales team today to obtain the promotion details now!

2. Flat bottom bags
Bulk order
MOQ 10000pcs per design. When quantity reaches 30000pcs, unit price looks better.

Trial order
MOQ 1000pcs per design.
Or you can also try to understand it in this way, it takes around USD1600 as the minimum set-up cost to have bags custom printed.

-+What are your weeds packaging bags sizes?

As you know that we make flexible packaging bags. We basically make any size marijuana packaging bags you need.

Regularly, the bags can hold cannabis flowers 1g, 3.5g, 7g, 14g, 28g, 450g. (1/16oz, 1/8oz, 1/4oz, 1/2oz, 1oz, 1lb marijuana products)
Also we have bags for leaves, wraps, pre-rolls, cigars.

-+Is there something I need to know about the stand up marijuana pouches?

Gozeniths manufacture variety of stand up marijuana pouches. We are able to custom the stand up marijuana bags from size, materials, to the very specific design of yours.

THC, CBD logo as reminders, regulation warnings, and brand slogans all can be added onto the packaging bags.

-+Is there something I need to know about the cannabis flat pouches?

Flat pouch bags are widely used when packing pre-rolls, cigars, CBD edible gummies, and hemp flowers.

Custom cannabis flat pouch bags are the cheapest way to have your own branded packaging. Only around USD300 to have 500pcs custom printing done!

And even lower price if flat pouch without zippers accepted – Only USD200 around!

-+What factors I need to take into consideration when choosing marijuana packaging bag styles?

If money is a limit to current project, it is suggested to go with popular styles of flat pouch, stand up pouch at promotion prices.

-+How should we seal the marijuana packaging bags after filling?

All of our marijuana packaging bags are heat sealable. You can use a impulse heat sealer or continuous band sealer machine to heat seal them smoothly.

-+Do you have related marijuana packing machines on sale?

Yes. From heat sealing to packing machines, we have them all. Please contact our sales tea for more details.

-+Do you charge for plate set up costs?

We don’t charge plate set up costs.
Only there is Minimum Order Quantity request for the gravure plate printing. For the detailed MOQ for each bag type, please find MOQ FAQ answers on this page.

-+May I know the material structure of your bags? Are they matte? Are they glossy?

The regular material structure are as below.
We have matte, glossy or UV PET types as you need.

Matte types
PET with matte oil/VMPET/PE
PET with matte oil/AL/PE
Soft touch film/AL/PET/PE
Soft touch film/VMPET/PE

Glossy types

-+What kind of printing process do you use?

  • Rotogravure printing
  • Digital printing
  • Silk printing

-+Do you use rotogravure print method or digital print method?

We have both and will provide you the most suitable solutions and the best prices.

-+Do you offer stock bags for marijuana packaging?

Yes. From time to time, we have some stock available for marijuana packaging. You are welcome to contact our sales team for the current stock list.

-+Do you offer assistance to help me settle down the custom bags’ correct size?

Yes. We try to offer this support by using the tobacco leave, tea leaves to replace the cannabis flowers to load the bags and show you the measurement. For you to see, if the measurement of the pouches are good to proceed.

-+Which markets globally that you are supplying the marijuana packaging bags to?

Mostly USA, Canada, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands. Some custom printed pouches are resold and retailed by packaging brokers to other segment markets.

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