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Packaging for Nuts, Seeds & Dried Fruit

As consumers become more health conscious, the demand for healthy snacks continues to rise. The nuts and dried fruit market is growing much more competitive than before. Gozen Packaging produces custom printed nuts packaging bags and pouches in laminated structure to protect the product quality and taste, also help you grab the attention from consumers via a fantastic printing job.

The Functional Bags and Pouches for Nuts

We use multi-layered barrier films to ban the harms like puncture, oxygen, moisture, and odor, outside the bag for the nuts, seeds and dried fruits, instead of a single layer of film.

With a resealable zipper added on the bag to lock the freshness after opening, the nuts packaging bags are reusable and help to save carbon footprints for the world.

Featured Nuts Packaging Bags and Pouches

Gozen flexible nuts packaging is not only functional and easy to use but also allows consumers to glance inside the package, letting the nuts speak for themselves: WE ARE GOOD, LOUDLY. Yes, it is the window design we refer to.

The Special MOQ for Your Nuts Business Easy to start

Our runs start at just 5,000 pieces and go up to as many as you need, so you’re free to scale up your orders as your business grows.

We also offer several different custom printing options including Digital printing and Gravure printing. Especially the digital printing, very suitable for rich color or multi-SKU custom needs. Digital Printing MOQ starts from only 500pcs a design.

The Star – Stand Up Pouches Packaging

The cost-saving stand up pouches provide an all-in-one nuts packaging solutions; no caps, lids, or inserts are required. Even more, creative designs can be applied and printed onto the body to help your nuts attract more attention and stand high on the shelf.

If you have questions or would like to see samples, please don’t hesitate to call +86 18571566509 or e-mail us at

Nuts Nuts Nuts Nuts Nuts Nuts

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Nuts Packaging Bags FAQs

-+What is the current trend for the nuts packaging?

Current typical nuts packaging trend is that on one hand, we need to protect and preserve nuts by providing enough barrier via the packaging materials.

On the other hand, apply creative, stylish and eye-catching designs printed onto the nuts packaging bags and pouches.

Packaging size better not to be too big to carry so your nuts can be enjoyed on the go.

-+What style and feel are you trying to project?

If you are looking for presenting a handcrafted, artisan look and feel, then kraft paper used packaging bags are suitable.

If you want to present your nuts via fully transparent side or shaped window, and let your product do the talking, then plastic bags will do the job better.

-+Why do I need to choose flexible packaging bags for my nuts packaging?

Because as a whole, flexible packaging bags and pouches requires 75% less material to produce the finished container than bottles, jars or other hand rigid packaging.

-+Are the nuts packaging bags and pouches heat-sealable?


Gozen Packaging bag and pouches are heat-sealable. Also, this being heat-sealable will provide a tamper-evident finish, ensuring food safety. Even more, the heat sealing helps extend nuts shelf life and maintain freshness.

-+Are the packaging bags and pouches reusable and resealable?

Yes, we add a resealable zipper on the top so the nuts packaging bags and pouches can be reusable and resealable after opening.

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