Pet Food Packaging

Custom Printing Packaging Bags and Pouches for Pet Supplies

Pet Food Packaging
Pet Food Packaging
Pet Food Packaging
Pet Food Packaging
Pet Food Packaging
Pet Food Packaging
Pet Food Packaging

Flexible Packaging Bags and Pouches

Custom printing pet food flexible packaging offers a high level of convenience through a range of easy-to-open and resealable technologies, as well as handles for easy portability and a durable structure that takes up less space.

Pet food packaging bags are used to pack various pet supplies, pet foods and treats. Thus its quality directly affects the quality of pet products.

Custom Design Pet Food Packaging

Pet food packaging bags are normally customized in style of printed stand up pouch, side gusset bags, and block bottom bags.

When it comes to small packing capacity, the stand up pouch is the best option. It is easy to carry with for the end consumers. It stands up high on the shelf and displays your brands and company.

If you would like to pack small pet supplies, but still looking for a more economic choice, then we suggest the sachets instead. Also can be fully custm printed and made to pack pet treats or samples to give away. Added with a hang hole on the top, sachet packaging can be hung on the shelf.

When it comet so large size capacity, we have side gusset bags and flat bottom bags for you to choose. Would like to know the difference? Why not contact our sales team via whatsapp +86 18571566509.

Parameters of Packaging for pet foods, treats and supplies

Many clients prefer well-designed printed bags for pet food factories, retailers, and wholesalers.

Additional features such as pull tabs, zipper closures, hang holes, and tear notches can be customized to meet your needs.

The most commonly used materials are kraft paper and plastic film, both of which can be laminated with foil lining for a longer shelf life. Kraft paper bags offer a more organic and natural look, while plastic materials can present more rich and colorful images. Different material structures are suggested for different branding locations.

Besides, we have 100% pure PE laminated bags now. So sustainable pet food packaging is available as well.

The perfect packaging for the pet supplies

As a pet food packaging supplier, we offer custom bags and pouches made from food grade BPA free plastic film. We have both plate printing and digital printing capabilities, so we can handle orders of any size.

You’re welcome to request free samples to see if our products are a good fit for your needs. If you decide you like our products, let us know what dimensions and features you want, and we’ll take care of the rest.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll get back to you within 12 hours.

Pet Food Packaging Pet Food Packaging Pet Food Packaging Pet Food Packaging Pet Food Packaging Pet Food Packaging

Flexible Packaging Manufacturer Production Views

Pet Food Packaging
Pet Food Packaging
Pet Food Packaging
Pet Food Packaging
Pet Food Packaging
Pet Food Packaging

Packaging Bags and Pouches Order Shipment Records

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Packaging Bags and Pouches for Pet Food FAQs

-+Can your pet food packaging material be recycled?

Yes. At GozenPackaging, we can use mono-structure pure PE material to produce custom printed laminated packaging bags for the pet food. The 100% pure PE bags are very easy to be recycled. And it goes to recycle stream no.4.

-+What are the mostly produced laminated pet food packaging bags?

Aluminum Foil Plastic Pet Food Packaging Bags are the most popular type of packaging bags for pet food and pet treats packaging. Because it has barrier layers to light and oxygen.

-+Do you make custom plastic pouches packaging for cat litter?

Our answer is yes.

We are a manufacturer of plastic pouches in China and we produced plastic packaging pouches for 4 lb and 8lb cat litter applications before.

-+What type of inks do you use for the dog food packaging bags printing?

We use qualified benzene or ketone-free inks.

-+What is the packing range of your packaging bags?

We produce flexible packaging bags from 10g to 10kg for pet food and pet supplies packaging.

-+Do you have packaging bags for frozen food?

Yes, we have been making flexible packaging stand up pouches and other types of packaging bags in a special material to cater the frozen food. The frozen temperature can be -18 degree C.

-+Do you have compostable or biodegradable packaging bags for pet food?

Yes, we have small biodegradable packaging bags for dried pet food. But please note that biodegradable bags have fewer barrier properties. So outside barrier packaging bags are needed for the small packs.

-+What is the Minimum order quantity to have a cusom printed pet treats stand up pouches?

The minimum order quantity is normally decided by the packaging bag size, packaging material thickness, and custom print colors.

For traditioanl gravure printing, we need to start at least 5000pcs. For some small size bags, even up to 20000pcs. But for digital printing, 500pcs sometimes is allowed.

It is better to talk with our sales for a direct answer.

-+How many colors can be applied onto my artwork?

For digital printing, no limits.

For traditional gravure printing, up to 9 colors.

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