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The global snack food market is increasing and changing. End consumers now prefer to buy snack products by eyes judging whose packaging is well designed, printed and high quality produced.

Trustworthy packaging is almost a symbol of a reliable brand and snack company. These snack packaging bags are an effective marketing tool and helpful for attracting consumers towards shelves.

Custom and Printed Snack Packaging Bags

Gozen Packaging offers innovative snack packaging in many sizes, shapes, and various unique and innovative designs for your snack food.

Stand up pouches no doubt are the most commonly opted flexible snack packaging globally. They stand high on the shelves and loudly speak out your snack brands to consumers all the time.

Pillow pouches and three side seal pouches are also good to choose for chips and small-amount nuts mix packaging.

Whether it is biltong & jerky, nuts, granola, pretzels, potato and fruit chips, popcorn, trail mix, candy and sweets, chocolate, or baked cookies and crackers that you would like to pack, Gozen Packaging utilizes the latest rotogravure technique.

We are able to print up to 9 colors of custom printed bags with company logo, brand name and other important information.

If it is a small trial run you want to launch for market testing, no worries. We also have digital printing stand by for you to start from 500pcs around per design to start without cash stress.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will get back to you in 12 hours.

Snack Snack Snack Snack Snack Snack

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Case Sharing

Retort Bags for Jerky, biltong, pet foods packaging
White kraft paper with PLA stand-up pouch with a circular window for snack
100g stand-up pouch for snack chip products refill packing
White kraft paper stand-up pouch with a circular window for snack
2pcs Gummy Packaging Bag inCustom Printing 3 side sealed bags as sample packs to give away
35g Stand up kraft paper pouch with zip lock and window for nut packaging
300g Hemp Corn Custom Printing packaging stand up pouches
Reusable food bag Spout Bags with zip for children
75g Dried fruit packaging with UV spot and zip lock food stand up bag for snack edibles
150g printing spout pouches customized for veggies packaging/stand-up water pouch/ U-sealed liquid bag
Popsicles custom printing metallic effect pillow pouches
500g Healthy Seeds and Nuts Packaging Bags
FSC Paper Computer to Plate CTP Printing 1kg Nuts Ppaer Packaging Bags
Recyclable CBD infused gummy worms packaging Bag
163g gummy bear packaging Custom Printed stand-up pouch with zip closure
500 grams of original granola personalized printed paper bag
Sugar Free Fit Gummies Custom Packaging Bag
Custom Printing Chocolate Covered Nuts and Berries Packaging
Recyclable Premium Dried Fruit Pear Packaging Bags
Mozzarella Style Nutcheese Packaging Bag Custom Printing
Nuts Packaging Custom Printed Stand Up Paper/PLA laminated Bags
Kraft Paper Flexo Printed Nuts Packaging Custom Printed Stand Up Bags
Freeze Dried Lemon slices Kraft Packaging Custom Printed Stand Up Bag
Food packaging custom printed stand up pouch
200g Organic Chocolate Covered Pretzels Stand Up Pouches
100g Freeze Dried Fruit Packaging Bags Custom Printed Stand Up Bag
1KG Foods Packaging Custom Printed Stand Up Pouches
Printed Stand up pouches for Premium Cacao Nibs
Stand up pouches for cannabis flowers packaging
100g Browney Brittle Custom Printed Stand up bag
New Die-cut Mylar Bags | Shaped Cannabis Packaging Bags
Child resistant Zipper Edibles stand-up pouch for CANNABIS -INFUSED
90 gram beef jerky snack packaging bag
1.7 Ounces Or 48 Grams Of Almonds In Stand-up Pouch Style Packaging
1g CBD flower Packaging Bag With Window design
210gram Superfoods Powder Packaging in Stand Up Pouches for Celery Collagen Powder
75g Biltong Gold Color Printed Stand Up Pouches
12oz or 341gram Seafood Fry Stand Up Pouch With Zip lock
50g Back Seal Pillow Bags or Sachets for Cricket Protein Bar
Popcorn packaging
5oz Custom Candy Bags Packaging
100g Browney Brittle Cookies Packaging
Superfood Powder Mix Packaging
Freeze Dried Mangos Packaging
3oz Pistachio Packaging Bags
Roasted Peanuts Packaging
Vegan food Packaging
Custom Packaging For Your Popcorn
Stand up pouches for 5oz Dried Fruit Pear
Recyclable plastic flat bottom snack packaging pouches
Stand up pouch for dried fruit chips snack packaging
Convenient on-the-go snack packaging packets
Economic printed snack packaging rollstocks
Creative See Through Shaped Window on the Granola Packaging Pouch
Fast Lead Times Digital Printed Nuts Snack Packaging Stand Up Pouches
Kraft paper stand up snack packaging pouches for peanuts
Chips snack packaging aluminum foil pillow bags

Snack Packaging Bags FAQs

-+What kind of printing process do you use?

  • Rotogravure printing
  • Digital printing
  • Silk printing

-+Do you use rotogravure print method or digital print method? 

We have both and will provide you the most suitable solutions and the best prices.

-+Do you offer stock bags for snack packaging?

Yes. From time to time, we have some stock available for snack packaging. You are welcome to contact our sales team for the current stock list.

-+Do you offer assistance to help me settle down the custom bags’ correct size?

Yes. We try to offer this support by using the salt to load the bags and show you the measurement.

For you to see, if the measurement of the pouches are good to proceed.

-+I need the smallest size. What is your offer?

Without zipper, the smallest size can be 60X40mm.

With zipper, the smallest size can be 60X70mm.

-+Before you print all the bags, can you make just one and send us a video?

If it is digital printing that you go with, sure, we can send you a video of testing printed film for you to have a check before we go bulk.

If it is plate printing that you with, it is not that convenient to supply a video of testing printed film but the good thing is that we can lock the colors by Pantone codes and in the production, we will cross check the colors with Pantone codes.

In this case, it is hard to have the artwork printed in the wrong colors.

-+Do you use CMYK or RGB colors?

We use CMYK colors.

-+Can I have customized snack packaging for my brands?

Of course, Gozeniths’ flexible packaging is fully customizable to fit your needs. You can choose different surface finishes and unique features to create a special snack packaging that is sure to stand out on the shelf, while Gozeniths help to design the technical parameters to help you lock in the freshness and protect your product from breakage or spoilage.

-+Do you offer sustainable or recyclable snack packaging?

We do! We offer many types of sustainable packaging options. We make PLA bags and recycable bags.

-+What type of snacks do you offer packaging for?

We offer snack packaging for a wide variety of snacks including seeds, popcorn, protein bars, biltong & jerky, nuts, granola, pretzels, potato and fruit chips, popcorn, trail mix, candy and sweets, chocolate, or baked cookies and crackers.

-+What is your regular packaging bag material for snack foods?

Moisture-proof bag, we use films like OPP/PET+LDPE

Light-proof bag, we use films like aluminum or aluminum foil+LDPE

Special for candy, we use films like twist film, cold seal film and cellophane.

And sometimes if you are looking for kraft paper type bags, we use Paper+PET or VMPET+LDPE.

-+What is special about snack packaging bags?

Oxygen combined with ultraviolet rays will accelerate fat oxidation, aluminum alone or aluminum foil are often used in the packaging bag for snacks to block light and oxygen. Long shelf life is accomplished.

-+What is your MOQ for snack packaging?

It depends on the bag types, but normally 500pcs per design for digital printing and 5000pcs per design for rotogravure printing.

-+What makes Gozen Packaging Snack Packaging Bags Special?

Besides the traditional rotogravure printing allow us to bring you the best cost-efficiency, we have HP Indigo 20000 machine to do the digital printing for your new lines at small MOQ.

We can run multiple SKUs at once and quick turnaround time. What’s more it’s photo-level graphic quality printing on the snack packaging bags, helping you stand out over your competitors.

-+What types of snack packaging material do you have?

  • Kraft paper
  • Matte BOPP
  • BOPP
  • PET
  • MPET
  • Matte Oiled PET
  • VMPET/foil lining
  • Aluminum
  • LDPE
  • Soft touch laminating film

If the above info is too abstract, no worries, just remember that we offer all types of laminated structures according to your product features and provide them with the best preservation.

With eco-friendly request in mind, we will choose recyclable or compostable materials for your snack food.

-+Do you offer stock bags for snack packaging?

Yes. From time to time, we have some stock available for snack packaging. You are welcome to contact our sales team for the current stock list.

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