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Superfoods Packaging Bags & Pouches MANUFACTURER

Superfoods packaging bags and pouches are normally in style of stand up pouch, side gusset bag, block bottom bag and three side seal bag. Among all formats, printed stand up pouches and block bottom bags are most popular. As many clients like food product suppliers, plant farms, Amazon retailers prefer these well-designed printed superfood bags.

Even more, apart from the tin tie, pull tab zipper, normal zipper, hang hole are optional to your needs. The custom bags deliver great performance to pack chia seeds, maca powder, spirulina powder, granola, and more…

Regarding superfood packaging most used materials, we have options of kraft paper and plastic foil lining films. Normally kraft paper bags offer more organic and natural outlooking while plastic materials are able to present more rich and colorful images. So for different branding locations, we suggest different material structures.

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Superfoods Packaging Bags & Pouches MANUFACTURER - PRODUCTION VIEWS



Case Sharing

528g Stand up white kraft paper pouch with zip lock for protein powder packaging
700g protein powder Packaging Custom Printing Box bags
500g Taro Protein Powder Custom Printed Stand-Up Pouch
1kg Premium Plant Protein Powder Packaging
150gram Superfoods Powder Packaging in Stand Up Pouches
500 grams of original granola personalized printed paper bag
1 kg Pan Cake Mix Flour Packaging Bag Custom Stand up pouches
500gram Superfoods Banana Flour Packaging Bags
Red Raspberry leaf tea Packaging Bag
Bissap powder packaging bags custom printing
Neutral Stock Packaging Bag Stand Up Pouches
Powder packaging custom printed roll goods of sachets
500g Organic Protein Powder Brown kraft paper stand up pouches with reclosable zipper
250g Collagen Protein Powder Superfoods Packaging Custom Printed flat Bottom Bags
240g/8.47oz Multinutrient powder packaging bag with metallic print effect
120g/4.23oz turmetric latte powder packaging with stand-up pouch with resealable zipper
100g Organic Superfood Powder Brown kraft paper stand up pouches with reclosable zipper
100g/3.5oz Turmeric Powder Packaging Bag
2oz/57g diverticulitis tea packaging bag stand up pouches
Chia seeds custom printed packaging bags for 1kg capacity
Kratom Powder Packaging Bag
Bone Broth Powder Custom Packaging Bags
1KG Foods Packaging Custom Printed Stand Up Pouches
Printed Stand up pouches for Premium Cacao Nibs
Printed Stand-up pouch Doybags for 240g Superfoods powder
1.7 Ounces Or 48 Grams Of Almonds In Stand-up Pouch Style Packaging
210gram Superfoods Powder Packaging in Stand Up Pouches for Celery Collagen Powder
500gram Superfood Pea & Rice Organic Protein Powder Packaging
50g Back Seal Pillow Bags or Sachets for Cricket Protein Bar
100gram Organic Turmeric Power Packaging Bag
0.531b or 240gram multinutrient powder packaging bags
37g Healthy foods and Supplement Powder Packaging
Maca Powder Packaging Bags
Supplement Packaging
Matcha powder Packaging
Superfood Powder Mix Packaging
Freeze Dried Mangos Packaging
500g Banana Flour Packaging Bag
3oz Pistachio Packaging Bags
Vegan food Packaging
Paper Stand Up Pouches for 210g Super Greens Packaging
Kraft Paper Stand-Up Pouches for 210g powder super greens
Stand up pouches for 5oz Dried Fruit Pear
250g Protein Smoothie Packaging Pouches
3 IN 1 TEATOX or Detox Tea Packaging Pouches Customization
Barrier Stand-Up Pouches for 200g MACA Powder
New Gelatin Packaging: Kraft paper stand-up zipper bag
New Teatox Packaging: stand up zipper pouch
1kg Bio Nutrition Food Powder Stand Up Pouches
Stand Up Pouches for Organic Shea Butter Packaging
Chia Seeds Superfood Packaging Bags
Stand Up Pouches For Black Maca Root powder Packaging
New Collagen Powder Packaging Bags
Healthy Herbal Tea Packaging Bags
Custom printed stand up superfoods packaging pouches
100g yellow kraft paper organic superfoods packging stand pouch
250g matte white stand up superfoods packaging bags


-+What are mostly used materials to make superfoods packaging bags?

  • Kraft paper
  • Matte BOPP
  • BOPP
  • PET
  • MPET
  • Matte Oiled PET
  • VMPET/foil lining
  • Aluminum
  • LDPE
  • Soft touch laminating film

-+Is it food grade materials that you use in production of the superfoods packaging bags?

We use FDA-approved food-grade BPA-free plastic films as raw materials.

You are welcome to contact our sales to have the testing reports.

-+What is the MOQ for custom printed superfoods packaging bags?

We have different MOQ for different styles.
Details as below:

1. Stand up pouch | Side gusset bag | Quad seal bags | Three side sealed bags | Flat pouches

Bulk order
MOQ 5000pcs per design. When quantity reaches 10000pcs, unit price looks better.

Trial order
MOQ 500pcs per design.
Or you can also try to understand it in this way, it takes around USD500 as the minimum set-up cost to have bags custom printed.
Sometimes, we have very big promotion prices far less than USD500 for some specified sizes of the bags. Contact our sales superfoodsm today to obtain the promotion details now!

2. Flat bottom bags

Bulk order
MOQ 10000pcs per design. When quantity reaches 30000pcs, unit price looks better.

Trial order
MOQ 1000pcs per design.
Or you can also try to understand it in this way, it takes around USD1600 as the minimum set-up cost to have bags custom printed.

-+What are your superfoods packaging bags sizes?

As you know that we make flexible packaging bags. We basically make any size superfoods packaging bags you need.

We have options to hold from 10g to 5kg superfoods packaging bags.

-+Is there something I need to know about the stand up superfoods packaging pouches?

Gozeniths manufacture variety of stand up superfoods packaging pouches.

We are able to custom the stand up superfoods packaging bags from size, materials, to the very specific design of yours.

-+Is there something I need to know about the flat pouches for superfoods packaging?

Flat pouch bags are widely used to packing superfoods samples to give away or one serving loose superfoods leaf or superfoods bags.

Custom superfoods packaging flat pouch bags are the cheapest way to have your own branded packaging.

Only around USD300 to have 500pcs custom printing done! And even even lower price if flat pouch without zippers accepted – Only USD200 around!

-+Can see-through window design applied on superfoods packaging bags?

Absolutely yes.

What’s more, if it is a plastic material type bags that suit your needs, the window can be in very attractive shape and design to fully melted into the whole bag design creatively.

The window on the custom printed pouches has not necessarily to be regular oval, round or rectangle.

Inssuperfoodsd, the window can a superfoodspot like, a flower like, a superfoods leaf like.

You are welcome to contact with our sales to see real sample cases.

-+What factors I need to take into consideration when choosing superfoods packaging bag styles?

If money is a limit to current project, it is suggested to go with popular styles of flat pouch, stand up pouch at promotion prices.

-+How should we seal the superfoods packaging bags after filling?

All of our superfoods packaging bags are heat sealable.

You can use a impulse heat sealer or continuous band sealer machine to heat seal them smoothly.

-+Do you have related superfoods packing machines on sale?


From heat sealing to packing machines, we have them all.

Please contact our sales superfoods for more details.

-+Do you charge for plate set up costs?

We don’t charge plate set up costs.

Only there is Minimum Order Quantity request for the gravure plate printing.

For the detailed MOQ for each bag type, please find MOQ FAQ answers on this page.

-+May I know the material structure of your bags? Are they matte? Are they glossy?

The regular material structure are as below.
We have matte, glossy or UV PET types as you need.

Matte types
PET with matte oil/VMPET/PE
PET with matte oil/AL/PE
Soft touch film/AL/PET/PE
Soft touch film/VMPET/PE

Glossy types

-+What kind of printing process do you use?

  • Rotogravure printing
  • Digital printing
  • Silk printing

-+Do you use rotogravure print method or digital print method?

We have both and will provide you the most suitable solutions and the best prices.

-+Do you offer biodegradable or compostable material made superfoods packaging bags? 


We have biodegradable or compostable PLA bags for the superfoods packaging if the superfoods products loaded inside are supposed to be consumed in short term.

-+Do you offer recyclable material made superfoods packaging bags? 


We offer superfoods packaging bags in material structures include no foil lining.

If light proof property still needed, we can use white PE and kraft paper to replace the foil lining.

-+Do you offer stock bags for superfoods packaging?


From time to time, we have some stock available for superfoods packaging.

You are welcome to contact our sales superfoodsm for the current stock list.

-+Do you offer assistance to help me settle down the custom bags’ correct size?

Yes.We try to offer this support by using the superfoods leaves to load the bags and show you the measurement.

For you to see, if the measurement of the pouches are good to proceed.

-+Which markets globally that you are supplying the superfoods packaging bags to?


-+Does your printing have a good quality?

We are a flexible packaging manufacturer over decades till now.

With rich experience and printing machines under updated technology, high quality and eco inks, the printing effect is very good.

You are welcome to contact our sales superfoodsm to require printed stock bags as samples bags to check the printing effect and quality.

-+Does your custom printed superfoods packaging bags have UV protection?


We have light barrier films like pure aluminum, aluminum foil lining, kraft paper, white PE film.

Even dark color inks can provide UV protection for the superfoods products.

-+I need the smallest size. What is your offer?

Without zipper, the smallest size can be 60X40mm.

With zipper, the smallest size can be 60X70mm.

-+Before you print all the bags, can you make just one and send us a video?

If it is digital printing that you go with, sure, we can send you a video of testing printed film for you to have a check before we go bulk.

If it is plate printing that you with, it is not that convenient to supply a video of testing printed film but the good thing is that we can lock the colors by Pantone codes and in the production, we will cross checking the colors with Pantone codes.

In this case, it is hardly to have the artwork printed in wrong colors.

-+Do you use CMYK or RGB colors?

We use CMYK colors.

-+Is there something I need to know about the side fold/gusset superfoods packaging pouches?

Side fold/gusset bags are used very commonly in packaging superfoods products on the superfoods market. After filled full, loaded side gusset superfoods packaging bags looks good and can sit well on the shelf, though it has no bottom gusset like stand up pouches or flat bottom bags. It is a very classic existence between stand up pouch and flat bottom bags. Its price higher than stand up pouches while lower than flat bottom bags.
Besides, the side fold bags normally have no zip lock on the top.

But this not necessarily becomes a bad thing.

Being of no ziplock, the side gusset superfoods packaging bag has a wide opening on the top.

This makes the coffee filling and packing process easy, fast and convenient.

What’s more, you don’t need to worry about the closure problem. With a tin tie, you can roll it up and fold over the top.

Or using label stickers or bag clips to fix the closure after you heat seal the top with a impulse heat sealer and fold over.

-+Is there something I need to know about the flat bottom superfoods packaging pouches?

Flat bottom superfoods packaging bags can be identified as the high end and large size superfoods packaging bags among its peer.

Whenever packaging budget is enough, you should try such superfoods packaging bag type.

One one hand, it has big opening on top for easier and faster filling, one the other hand it stands better when displayed on shelves.

Moreover, there are 5 sides where you can use to add creative designs to capture consumers’ attention and be the most welcome superfoods products on the shelf.

Yet, we still have more to say. Both regular and easy superfoodsr zipper can be integrated onto the bags to make them resealable.

Of course, if you prefer to have tin tin, that is not a problem at all.

In short, custom printed flat bottom superfoods packaging bags really deserve your attention and investment.

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