Pillow Pouches

Custom Pillow Pouch Design Features

Pillow Pouches
Pillow Pouches
Pillow Pouches
Pillow Pouches
Pillow Pouches
Pillow Pouches
Pillow Pouches
Pillow Pouches
Pillow Pouches
Pillow Pouches

Custom pillow pouch MANUFACTURER

Also named as back seal or centre seal or T seal pouch

Pillow pouches are one of the most economical forms of packaging that are widely used in the market.  They have no sealing on the front side. Thus it helps ensure the complete graphic or image on the front side of the package. Hence it is good looking.

Also since the seal is on the backside, the other sides of the bag are complete and can withstand more pressure, reducing the possibility of breakage and damage.

The Pillow Pouch is a versatile design that can easily hold liquids, solids, powders, and almost any other type of product you can imagine. With the ability to safely store a variety of products – from food to sensitive electrical equipment – this type of pouch packaging provides a secure, airtight seal that prevents damage and contamination.

Pillow Pouch is a very popular choice for several reasons. Pillow Pouches aren’t only easy to store and transport, but they’re also very inexpensive.

Pillow Pouches Applications

  • Potato chip packaging
  • Spices packaging
  • Jam packaging
  • Tea leaves packaging
  • Cereal packaging
  • Milk powder packaging
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Liquid or Powder supplement tube packaging
  • Toy packaging
  • Electrical components (relays, circuit boards, etc.) packaging
  • Liquid detergent packaging

Pillow pouches from Gozen Packaging

We offer pillow pouches in a wide range of sizes and styles to meet the specific needs of each product. We take into account both your product specifications and any necessary regulations to produce a high-quality, flexible packaging solution you can count on.

Normally for different applications, we have different films structure to cater. Hence a long product shelf life can be achieved.

Consumer-friendly features like tear notches, resealable zippers or clear windows can take your product to the next level.

Pillow Pouches Pillow Pouches Pillow Pouches Pillow Pouches Pillow Pouches Pillow Pouches


Pillow Pouches
Pillow Pouches
Pillow Pouches
Pillow Pouches
Pillow Pouches
Pillow Pouches


Case Sharing

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50g Back Seal Pillow Bags or Sachets for Cricket Protein Bar
100g fruit mix packaging pillow pouches
Digital printing pillow pouches for 70g spices
CMYK custom printed back seal pillow pouches to pack snack
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Pillow Pouches FAQs

-+Are pillow pouches more economical than stand up pouches?

Less film is needed to make pillow bags than for other, more complicated bag types such as stand-up pouches and flat-bottom bags. So pillow pouches are the most economical pouch style ever. Besides, requiring no extra options or assemblies, the pillow bag is simple flexible packaging at its finest.

-+Do you sell rollstock for pillow pouches?

Pillow pouches are simple to produce. And the production speed can be high. For contract packagers that require speed and efficiency to meet strict deadlines, the pillow bag can’t be beaten.

So we also supply rollstock for co packers to order and used on their own VFFS machines.

-+What are mostly used materials to make back seal pouches?

  • PLA
  • Kraft paper
  • Matte BOPP
  • BOPP
  • PET
  • Matte Oiled PET
  • Aluminum
  • LDPE

-+Is it food grade materials that you use in production of back seal pillow pouches?

We use FDA-approved food-grade BPA-free plastic films as raw materials.
You are welcome to contact our sales to have the testing reports.

-+What is back seal pillow pouches MOQ?

Details as below:

Bulk order MOQ 5000pcs per design.
When quantity reaches 10000pcs, unit price looks better.

Trial order MOQ 500pcs per design.
Or you can also try to understand it in this way, it takes around USD500 as the minimum set-up cost to have bags custom printed.
Sometimes, we have very big promotion prices far less than USD500 for some specified sizes of the bags. Contact our sales team today to obtain the promotion details now!

-+What is your back seal pillow pouches sizes?

As you know this is custom stand up pouches. We basically make any size you need.
Regularly, the bags can hold coffee in 100gms, 250gms, 500gms, 1kg, 2kg, 3kg, 4kg, 5kg.

-+Is there something I need to know about the back seal pillow pouches?

Gozeniths manufacture variety of back seal pillow pouches. We are able to custom the back seal pouches from size, materials, to the very specific design of yours. See-through window can also be added on the back seal pillow pouches.

-+Can see-through window design applied on back seal pillow pouches?

Our answer is yes.

-+What factors I need to take into consideration when considering back seal pillow pouches?

Back seal pillow pouch is a very traditional and economic choice to replace other expensive packaging forms.

-+How should we seal the pillow pouches after filling?

All of our ackaging bags are heat sealable. You can use a impulse heat sealer or continuous band sealer machine to heat seal them smoothly.

-+Do you have related pillow pouch machines on sale?

Yes. From heat sealing to packing machines, we have them all. Please contact our sales tea for more details.

-+Do you charge for plate set up costs?

We don’t charge plate set up costs.
Only there is Minimum Order Quantity request for the gravure plate printing. For the detailed MOQ for each bag type, please find MOQ FAQ answers on this page.

-+May I know the material structure of your bags? Are they matte? Are they glossy?

The regular material structure are as below.
We have matte, glossy or UV PET types as you need.

Matte types
PET with matte oil/VMPET/PE
PET with matte oil/AL/PE
Soft touch film/AL/PET/PE
Soft touch film/VMPET/PE

Glossy types

Related bags and pouches styles