Congrats to your success on the CannaTrade BernExpo

Congrats to your success on the CannaTrade BernExpo

Postview: 296       Date:May 25, 2022

Congrats to your success on the CannaTrade BernExpo

CannaTrade 2022, BernExpo

We are happy to know that the CannaTrade, the international cannabis event finally happened days ago. A lot of our clients were there attending the show.

We believe that our cannabis manufacturing, wholesale, retail, and hemp production clients from Europe have gained significant attention from consumers and potential clients.

Gozen Cannabis Packaging Bags and Pouches, shipped to CannaTrade

It is in April and also early May, we have been getting urgent notices from our clients who major in the European cannabis business.

The mails and messages said that we needed to hurry up the CBD bluten packaging production. Because the Expo was going to happen. All clients would like their CBD products, and cannabis products to “wear new clothes” and to be shown in good status to the audience.

Gozen Packaging professionally makes the cannabis packagings

To make it happen, the Gozen Packaging teamwork together tightly day and night. We shipped all of the cannabis packaging bags and pouches on time, and some were even shipped early for several cannabis retailer shop clients.

Gravure Printing Custom Cannabis Packaging Bags

Some CBD bluten (CBD light) packaging pouches are done by gravure printing. Because there are only 1-2 designs and each SKU requires 10,000 bags at least.

Gravure printing normally takes 15-20 workdays, in which the printing plates need to be customized according to the artwork.

We met with the plate-making factory and they agreed to help us meet our urgent delivery time while maintaining the quality of their work.

Digital Printing Cannabis Custom Pouches

Some other cannabis packaging bags and pouches are customized by digital printing. Because there are really a lot of SKU mixed in just one order, each cannabis SKU item only requires 200-1000pcs.

What’s more, the SKU quantities are not split on average. Per our clients, some cannabis items or flavors are popular while others are less popular.

For this kind of custom printed cannabis packaging job, the main time-consuming part is artwork proofs layout. The layout job alone sometimes takes a labor day/design. We need to do the job very carefully to avoid any potential mistakes and wrong printing on the finished packaging bags.

Besides the cannabis packaging bags and pouches, we have labels, bottles, jars…

We make custom labels, packaging bags, and pouches for cannabis, and pre-rolls products. And we are also asked to supply CBD oil bottles, cannabis extract jars, and many other related packaging products and smoking products for headshops.

Even printed T-shirts, printed table cloth, heat-transfer patches…

Luckily, we have wide sources and can do a good job.

Other than CannaTrade, we are prepared to make more

CannaTrade in Bern finished already 2 days, but we know we will have more job to do. The cannabis market is growing in Europe and the whole world. More and more fairs and shows are happening.

GozenPackaging will keep working on the cannabis packaging solutions for your high-quality products. No matter it is cannabis child resistant bags, or exit bags, or sustainable packaging bags, we are here for you. Contact us today or via +8618571566509.