Gravure Printing process of packaging rollstock film

Gravure Printing process of packaging rollstock film

Postview: 111       Date:May 4, 2023

The printing of laminate bags belongs to gravure printing, in which the images are engraved from the outside.

gravure printing

Copper or zinc plates are used as engraving surfaces, and some concave surfaces can be made by etching, engraving, bronze engraving or gold plate.

Copper or zinc plates

During the rotation of the gravure cylinder, the ink in the ink fountain is applied to the surface of the printing plate, and some of the blank ink on the surface of the printing plate is scraped off by the scraper.

gravure cylinder

When the packaging film passes between the gravure cylinder and the printing cylinder, the pressure between the volumetric cylinders transfers the oily black of part of the images and text on the gravure cylinder to the primer of the receiver.

When the substrate passes through the drying oven, the solvent in the ink evaporates under the action of heat, and then successively enters the next unit to complete the multi-color printing.

ng plate vary in depth

The image and text on the printing plate vary in depth, and thus the depth of the layer containing the ink is transferred to the surface of the print, resulting in a solid and beautiful printed image and text.

beautiful printed image and text