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Cannabis Exit Bags Design Features

Cannabis Exit Bags
Cannabis Exit Bags
Cannabis Exit Bags
Cannabis Exit Bags
Cannabis Exit Bags
Cannabis Exit Bags
Cannabis Exit Bags
Cannabis Exit Bags
Cannabis Exit Bags
Cannabis Exit Bags
Cannabis Exit Bags
Cannabis Exit Bags
Cannabis Exit Bags

Cannabis Exit Bags Manufacturer

Legally required cannabis exit bags for dispensaries and deliveries

In the US market, many states require that cannabis products leave the dispensary in an exit bag. If you use any other type of bag, your dispensary could face steep fines, loss of consumer confidence, or even complete loss of regulatory approval.

Custom print the cannabis exit bags to Extend the branding all the way

The connection between the customer and the dispensaries should not end when the customer walks out the door. Custom printed cannabis exit bags are a perfect way for the customer to bring your brand home and in front of their friends.

So your exit bags do not have to be plain and ugly. When it comes to consumer goods, customers buy with their eyes first. You have probably already perfected your logo, brand colors, and artwork. So why not extend the brand experience to your exit bags?

Custom cannabis exit bags with Gozen Packaging

We have several types of child-resistant zippers for your selection. Child-resistant and odor-proof opaque materials are used to ensure compliance. Remember that the images on the design templates should not contain playful fonts, cartoon characters, or anything else that might attract children as well.

Feel free to get free samples and try them out with your products. Then you can agree on the dimensions and features that you like. We can also help you develop your brand with our printing solutions starting at a very low MOQ. Then let us know your preferred designs and we will take care of the rest.

Cannabis Exit Bags Cannabis Exit Bags Cannabis Exit Bags Cannabis Exit Bags Cannabis Exit Bags Cannabis Exit Bags

Cannabis Exit Bags - Production Views

Cannabis Exit Bags
Cannabis Exit Bags
Cannabis Exit Bags
Cannabis Exit Bags
Cannabis Exit Bags
Cannabis Exit Bags

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Cannabis Exit Bags FAQs

-+What are cannabis exit bags?

Not to be confused with stand-up marijuana bags, cannabis dispensary bags are the bags in which cannabis products are packaged for customers before they leave the dispensary.

All cannabis products sold in dispensaries are subject to restrictions. One of those restrictions is that the packaging must be child-resistant, tamper-proof, and resealable. Here comes the cannabis dispensary bag!

Cannabis exit bags are child-resistant Mylar bags that dispensaries give to customers as they leave their premises. They can be used to store flowers, concentrates, edibles, pre-rolls, vapes, or virtually any other cannabis product.

Most cannabis exit bags are made to be extremely durable, completely odor-proof, and heat-sealed for the specific needs of dispensaries. In most states, the bags are also required to be opaque.

-+How is an cannabis exit bag different from other packaging?

Cannabis exit bags specifically refer to the outer packaging that a patient or customer leaves a cannabis dispensary with containing the individual items (jars, edibles, etc.) that they have purchased.

Some states require that each edible cannabis product be packaged in its own child-resistant packaging. Fortunately, if that’s the case in your state, we make custom printed child-resistant packaging for any size edible product, concentrate, or even flower (if required).

-+What does "opaque, resealable, child-resistant package" mean to the cannabis exit bags?

Definitions may vary from state to state, but generally, it is an opaque bag with a child-resistant zipper. Please contact a qualified lawyer in your state for more information in detail to avoid trouble.

-+My state does not mandate childproof cannabis exit bags. Can you make cannabis exit bags that are not childproof?

Yes, we can make cannabis exit bags to your specific specifications, including non-child resistant. We also offer tamper-evident, child-resistant disposable bags and bottom fill exit bags in any of the above configurations.

-+Are the cannabis exit bags heat sealable?

Yes, of course. Most states mandate that cannabis packaging be tamper-proof, so heat sealing is a must. Heat sealing is just one of the ways we ensure your dispensary bag is compliant.

-+What is the new with the cannabis exit bags?

Cannabis exit bags have not to be child-resistant and sometimes kraft paper shopping bags, pharmacy bags are both OK to be used. Because those weeds, flowers, and gummies packaging have to be child-resistant themselves already. So it is still dependent and has to be checked with each state’s laws.

-+What is Mylar cannabis exit bags?

Mylar is the name of the material from which our exit bags are made. Mylar is less permeable to gasses, especially oxygen, and bags and exit pouches made from Mylar are opaque, odor-proof, and airtight. All properties are desirable in the cannabis packaging industry.

-+What sizes do you offer?

All sizes of cannabis exit bags are customizable. Basically from 1 ounce to 2kg.

-+What thickness must cannabis exit bags have?

Check your state’s regulations, but generally, a thickness of 4 or 5 mils on one side is required. [More often than specifying a thickness, state regulations focus on child-resistant, either single-use or “lifetime” child-resistant, which in our industry is referred to as child-resistant resealable.

-+What color matching do you use for cannabis exit bags printing?

We can Pantone PMS colors and also CMYK colors for cannabis exit bag printing.

-+Are your childproof bags certified?

Yes, our bags are CFR 1700.20 Certified and use all CFR 1700.20 Certified child-resistant zipper-lock in our flexible packaging bags.

Child-resistant packaging was introduced in the United States in 1970. The Poison Preventive Packaging Act (PPPA) requires that products harmful to children be packaged in child-resistant packaging. A high number of accidents involving household, garden and automotive chemicals, as well as accidents involving drugs and other hazardous substances, provided the impetus for the legislative process. Since then, the frequency and severity of accidents have decreased significantly with the introduction of child-resistant packaging.

Testing procedures for Gozen Packaging child-resistant packaging are established in accordance with PPPA standards to ensure functional safety. These tests required 200 children between the ages of 42 and 51 months to attempt to open a package. If 80% of the population is unable to accomplish this task, the bag can be considered child-resistant. However, it is equally important that adults, especially older adults, are able to open and reinsert the package. Many other countries have followed the U.S. example, published in US 16 CFR § 1700.20, and have developed similar standards.

Such certified child resistant zip lock applied in most of GozenPackaging Childproof bags from flat pouches to stand up puches and exit bags. Contact us for more information here.

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