1kg Dead Sea Salt Packaging

1kg Dead Sea Salt Packaging

Postview: 158       Date:November 28, 2022

The flexible packaging bags for 1kg Sea Salt with custom printing designs

Sea salt packaging can be found at Gozen Packaging. You can find custom-printed sea salt packaging bags and pouches for a variety of uses to suit your sea salt packaging needs.

You can also purchase the printed packaging to market your company’s brand, which can pay off in an increase in sales We have a collection for every need, whether you are a retailer or hosting a special type of party.

Dead sea salt packaging bag case sharing

This is a new application for stand-up pouches. We all know that stand-up pouches have good stability. It can be placed on the shelf stably. It is pure dead sea salt from nature with minerals. It helps restore health to the body, skin, and muscles.

In this case, the stand-up pouch was used by our UK client to package dead sea salt. The use of the creative window allows consumers to see the product visually and clearly.

Meanwhile, considering the special characteristics of the product, the client used EVOHPE material in the bag, which is a kind of high-barrier PE, and it is similar to the regular foil lining in terms of OTR and WVTR. But the good thing is the pure PE material structure makes the laminate flexible packaging bag 100% recyclable.

Style: custom stand-up pouches with reclosable zipper, creative window

Material: PE//EVOH-PE, (Glossy, Matte up to you)

  • Smell-proof
  • Moisture-proof
  • Heat-sealable
  • Waterproof
  • Eco-friendly and Recyclable

Sea salt packaging order minimums 5000pcs per design as a trial order and 10000pcs as a bulk order, according to your requests.

If go with EVOH-PE, order minimums will go higher to around 20,000pcs a design.

EVOH material is also popular with our US, European and Australian clients. They use it to package cereal, superfoods, nuts, and so on.

Size: 185X270X90mm/7.28X10.63X3.54 inches(of course, size can be customed)

Our custom-printed flexible packaging is affordable, attractive, versatile, customizable, and also good for the environment.

Moreover, the client adds their logo, brands, company info, and URL to the online store onto the bag. If you need, we can also add your designs and company info.

Want to get more detailed information, contact our team to discuss your specific product packaging solution. info@gozenpackaging.com

1kg Dead Sea Salt Packaging