3.5g or 8th CBD flowers soft touch Stand-Up Pouches

3.5g or 8th CBD flowers soft touch Stand-Up Pouches

Postview: 154       Date:February 17, 2023

— Soft touch packaging bags for CBD flowers

  • Packaging style: stand-up pouches with Childproof zipper
  • Material: soft touch//VMPET//PE, ( Glossy, Matte up, or mixed up to you)
  • Merit: Smell-proof, Moisture-proof, Heat-sealable, Waterproof
  • MOQ: 5000pcs per design as a trial order and 10000pcs as a bulk order, according to your requests.
  • Size: 100X127X50mm(Size can be customed)

Stand-up pouches with child-lock zippers are widely used in the cannabis market because they are convenient for storage while also avoiding accidental ingestion by minors.

Our childproof zipper is sourced from a qualified factory that has US 16 CFR 1700.20 and ASTM D3475-18. Good quality. We are a Cookies brand verified factory supplier.

Also, the 3.5g stand-up pouch is one of the most conventional sizes in the cannabis market, and to reflect the uniqueness of the product, the client used a soft touch finish on the packaging.

Moreover, the bags can be added your logo, QR code, brands, company info, and URL to the online store onto the bag. This is also a means of promoting your products.

Want to get more detailed information, contact our team to discuss your specific product packaging solution.


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