50g Loose Tea Leaves Packaging Custom Stand Up Pouches

50g Loose Tea Leaves Packaging Custom Stand Up Pouches

Postview: 33       Date:August 18, 2023
  • Style: Custom printed stand-up pouches with regular zip
  • Material: MOPP//VMPET//PE
  • Size: 130×210+40x2mm
  • Thickness: 120 microns per side

The bag is designed for packing 50g loose tea leaves. The width of the bag is 130mm, the height is 210mm and the folded bottom is 40×2 mm to hold 50-80 grammes of tea leaves.

The exact weight will of course depend on the density and shape of the tea leaves. The bag is printed in 3 colours, the colours are black, white and blue.

The material structure of the bag is MOPP//VMPET// PE. The bag therefore has a matt surface and a good barrier layer against UV light, water vapour and oxygen.

The bag is equipped with a normal zip. In addition, the pattern and text are printed on the surface of the bag.

If you want, we can print any information on the surface of the bag, such as products, companies, industries, social accounts, etc., then this is also a way of advertising.

Currently, we have an advertising price for this bag below

  • 200pcs usd104
  • 300pcs usd142
  • 500pcs usd229
  • 1000pcs usd438
  • 2000pcs usd755

But the price is based on the following parameters

  • -the size is fixed
  • -matt surface
  • -no windows on the surface of the bag
  • -no pattern and no text on the bottom (white bottom)

If you are also interested in the bag, please contact info@gozenpackaging.com.

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