8th Weed Mylar Bag for Cannabis Packaging

8th Weed Mylar Bag for Cannabis Packaging

Postview: 240       Date:July 15, 2022

8th Weed Mylar Bag for Cannabis Packaging8th Weed Mylar Bag for Cannabis Packaging8th Weed Mylar Bag for Cannabis Packaging

8th bags (also called 1/8 gram bags ) are any bags or pouches that can hold 1/8 gram of cannabis. 8th bags from Gozen Packaging are made from food-grade plastic mylar films, which is a poly lamination structure.

Laminated 8th mylar bags are excellent insulators, protecting the cannabis from oxygen and moisture, both factors that are harmful to most cannabis strains. Packaging your cannabis product in odor and airtight 8th bags ensures that it stays fresh, potent, and has a long shelf life while retailing.

The advantages of 8th mylar bags can benefit everyone from growers to producers to customers.

Cannabis growers know they can harvest cannabis and keep it fresh for weeks. Cannabis manufacturers can promote their brand while knowing their product is safe and secure in an airtight bag that meets regulations.

Cannabis products consumers can relax knowing they are getting a high-quality cannabis product they can rely on.

Cannabis customers buy with their eyes first when it comes to consumer goods. Good packaging can entice customers to try your cannabis products while ignoring your competitors.

Nothing stands out more than a set of custom-printed cannabis pouches or weed baggies! Among them, 8th bags are the best of the best, from the portability and affordability.

The cannabis industry is booming, and if you want to expand your brand along with the industry, you want to say IN. Packaging printing allows you to market your brand, engage customers, sell more, and say IN!

At Gozen Packaging, we offer printing solutions to suit every budget, really every budget.

Don’t know to make a decision between the solutions?

Don’t keep this stress to yourself or be shy. Let’s have a good talk and don’t rush to the decision without thorough communication. We do might have questions to ask you about your project, but that is for a better understanding of your needs. When we get your points, no solutions from us will not make you happy in the end.

Don’t know how to make a qualified print template?

No worries. Our in-house formatting team can assist you in preparing your artwork for printing. With beautifully printed packaging made from the best barrier film material, you can not be beaten!

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