Catnips Packaging Bags Custom Printed here

Catnips Packaging Bags Custom Printed here

Postview: 249       Date:August 4, 2022

1oz 28gram Organic Catnip Packaging Case

This catnip packaging pouch has dimensions of 110mm wide and 170mm high with a bottom gusset to stand up on the shelf.

Catnips Packaging BagsCatnips Packaging BagsCatnips Packaging Bags

A hang hole along with easy tears and resealable zippers are added to the pouch top. The hang hole allows another form to display your catnip productions on the shelf. The convenient easy tears and resealable zipper are consumer-friendly designs.

Besides, a creatively shaped window added in the front will help attract consumers to see into and check whether the catnip is fresh or not.

The Plastic Laminated Stand-Up Pouches for Pet Supplies

From this case, we can see that custom-printed stand-up pouches are very popular packaging for pet supplies products packaging.

Why? The most important characteristic that we are looking for in their packaging is that it retains odor. Laminated stand-up pouches are perfect for this task. Their multi-layered barrier structure retains the odor and ensures that the effect of catnip is preserved.

Is it sustainable packaging pouches?

Packaging plays a key role in the robust growth of the pet food industry, especially for premium products. The flexible packaging pouches and bags allow manufacturers to stand out to cat and dog owners who want sustainable options, personalized pet food, and ingredients.

We are launching the new pure PE sustainable laminated bags. The mono-material structure makes the bags very easy to recycle in the recycle stream No.4.

What is your minimum order quantity for me to custom print my logo on the catnip packaging bags?

As consumers learn more about pet nutrition, they are demanding higher-quality ingredients from pet food brands. This has led to an increase in premium and specialty pet food offerings, available in both pet specialty stores and grocery stores.

If you have a wide range of products, how can you maintain low operation costs?

We have ways to help you save on packaging. For example, our digital printing solution allows you to mix many SKUs in one small order.

In the past, you would have to buy around 50,000 bags for 5 SKUs with gravure printing solution. But now only 1000 will do, which will significantly reduce your costs at the project start-up stage.

Anyway, talk with our sales team and we can have further discussion.