Chicken starter feeds Packaging Bag stand-up pouches custom printing

Chicken starter feeds Packaging Bag stand-up pouches custom printing

Postview: 25       Date:September 28, 2023

Animal feed packaging is the choice of the new era!

In modern animal husbandry, high-quality feed is an important factor for the health and production of the animals. As a new form of packaging, stand-up pouches for chicken feed are gradually becoming the new favourite in the feed industry due to their excellent performance and numerous advantages.

We introduce a highly anticipated packaging form – the stand-up pouch, which offers you a new usage experience and excellent product protection.

  • Packaging Type: Stand-up pouch with zip
  • Capacity:2700g feed powder
  • Material: PET +VMPET+PE
  • Size:26*31cm
  • Surface treatment: glossy fenestration
  • No film on the front side With the film on the back side
  • Colour: 3-coloured
  • Quality: 100% factory tested, FDA compliant food quality
  • Market: Offered for the USA
  • Preference: moisture-resistant, odour resistant, good seal, visible interior products, high-cost performance
  • Application: pet food additive packaging

Stand-up pouches have an upright shape and are easy to store in warehouses. At the same time, they can also be stacked stably to improve storage efficiency. Convenient opening methods such as cutting openings and zips make chicken feed stand-up pouches easier to use. Farmers only need to open the packaging opening to easily remove the feed without using other additional containers.

Cleverly has added a transparent window so consumers can directly see the product inside the packaging. The visual representation of the product’s appearance, colour and texture is an effective way of attracting consumers’ attention and arousing their interest to buy.

Using eco-friendly materials to make packaging bags is in line with modern consumers’ quest for sustainable development and environmental protection. When you choose this eco-friendly packaging, you not only meet consumer demand for environmentally friendly products but also actively contribute to building a green society.

Of course! You can design the shape, size and colour according to your wishes!

We can offer you the cheapest bags to attract your customers.

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Chicken starter feeds Packaging BagChicken starter feeds Packaging Bags