FSC Paper Computer to Plate CTP Printing 1kg Nuts Ppaer Packaging Bags

FSC Paper Computer to Plate CTP Printing 1kg Nuts Ppaer Packaging Bags

Postview: 28       Date:September 9, 2023
  • Style: CTP printed FSC paper stand-up pouch with zip
  • Material: MOPP// kraft paper//PE
  • Size: 295×300+65X2mm
  • Thickness: 140micron per side
  • The bag is designed for packing 1kg of nuts packing.

The width of the bag is 295mm, the height is 300mm and the bottom gusset is 65x2mm.

The material structure of the bag is MOPP// kraft paper// PE. So the surface of the bag is matt.

We use CTP also named computer to plate printing press to finish the printing job on this project. Small MOQ from 2000-3000pcs allowed to start the customization job.

As you can see in the pictures, there are too many colours on the surface of the bag, For the order of small MOQ, we will use the CTP to produce the bags. When your order amount is even less than 2000pcs, we can also consider digital printing starting from 500pcs for the paper bag customization jobs.

What’s more, multiple SKUs are possible for this order.

And for digital printing, we can accept uneven quantities per design.

The surface of the bag will have the logo and website on it. We can print any information you want on the surface of the bag, such as products, companies, industries, social accounts, etc., this is also a way of advertising.

If you are also interested in the bag, please contact info@gozenpackaging.com.

Nuts Ppaer Packaging BagsNuts Ppaer Packaging Bags