300g Hemp Corn Custom Printing packaging stand up pouches

300g Hemp Corn Custom Printing packaging stand up pouches

Postview: 26       Date:September 28, 2023

Edible hemp corn packaging stand-up pouches with zipper

  • Material:PET//VMPET//PE
  • Merit: oval windows
  • Size: 150×230+45x2mm

This is a stand-up pouch used to pack 300g of maize. The size of the bag is 150mm wide, 230mm high and the bottom is 45×2 mm folded. The inside of the bag will be completely filled when the bag packs 300g of maize.

As you can see from the pictures, this bag is printed in 5 colours i.e. red, black, white, green and grey but the colours do not affect the price when we use the digital printing process.

On the front of the bag, there is an oval and transparent window. People can see through the window what is going to be packed in the bag.

We can print any information you want on the surface of the bag. If you print some relevant information such as products, companies, industries, social accounts, etc., this is also a way of advertising.

If you are also interested in the bag, feel free to contact us via below email address info@gozenpackaging.com

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