Plastic Custom Dog Treats Packaging Bags

Plastic Custom Dog Treats Packaging Bags

Postview: 265       Date:August 2, 2022

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We can help you find the best type of packaging bags for your pet products, including custom printed pouches, barrier bags, vacuum bags, zippered stand-up pouches, zipper spout stand-up bags, side gusset bags, and flat bottom bags.

Production Parameters of the dog treats stand-up pouches

  • Size in 125X185mm plus a 60mm wide bottom gusset for 3oz or 85gram dog treats
  • Glossy surface and window added on the back for your clients to see through to check the dog treats quality
  • Tear notches and Hang hole put on the top above the resealable zipper
  • Laminated plastic films including the barrier layers like vmpet and PET.

More info behind the dog treats flexible packaging project for you to know

Sustainable packaging

If you need, we can produce the pet treats packaging bags in mono-material laminating films, say structures like optimized printable PE and high-quality sealing PE. The single material used will help to simplify the recycling progress and make the bags 100% recyclable and Eco friendly.

The pure PE laminating flexible packaging bags is very popular among all the sustainable packaging solutions and are widely opted for by pet food brands globally.

Fast Turnaround time

We understand you care about turnaround time a lot, especially when you considering an international purchase from China. But, no worries, we have a very obvious advantage in pet food packaging production.

On one hand, we finish the normal orders from 10 to 25 work days, and then we have plenty of varied shipping options for you to choose from, balancing the cost and time spent on the transportation.

To some specific markets, like the United States, and Germany, we even offer DDP lines, which means door-to-door and tax duty paid in advance. No hidden cost at all!

Multiple MOQs Innovation Packaging

Worrying about the high investment you have to input to personalize your pet food and pet supplies packaging? Take it easy.

If you are a start-up, we have low MOQ support for you. Basically 500-1000pcs an order will not cost you too much for you to have custom pet food packaging. Come and check with us, we are glad to offer you quotes and solutions for you to compare and refer to.

Pet food packaging that preserves and protects

Custom flexible packaging is made specifically for its contents, no matter if it is dog biscuits, cat food, animal feed, bird seeds, or fish feed, we have different combinations of film laminated together to achieve the desired barrier properties. This protects the contents from moisture, steam, odor, and punctures. Longer shelf life and fresh products are made sure for the pet owners.

And as with all of our products, you can rest assured that our pet food packaging will meet your high standards. Contact us today