Plastic packaging bags for cat food

Plastic packaging bags for cat food

Postview: 185       Date:November 29, 2022

Custom heat seal flat bottom pouches for 1.5 kg cat food

  • Packaging style: flat bottom pouches with easy tear
  • Material: Mopp+VMPET+PE ( Glossy, Matte, or mixed up you)
  • Merit: Smell-proof, Moisture-proof, Heat-sealable, Waterproof
  • MOQ: 1000pcs per design as a trial order and 20000pcs as a bulk order, according to your requests.
  • Size: 1.5kg capacity
  • Also, the Size can be customized as you wish

We can see in the market of pet food: in addition to the use of stand-up pouches, the use of flat-bottom bags also occupies a part of the share. Because the net weight of pet food is heavy, so the use of flat-bottom bags to avoid bag breakage and unstable placement, etc..

Do some people want to know why is a packaged-food-grade poly bag sliver from the inside?

The bags use food-grade PE to ensure the safety of the food, keeping any gases that could contaminate the product outside. Thus allowing consumers to take the product home without any worries.

In this case, the customer used easy tears, which greatly facilitated the use and storage of the product.

Meanwhile, the bag uses a matte finish and uses 2 different shades of blue as the background of the bag. And printed on the picture of the snowy mountains. Make the bag looks pretty good.

Moreover, the client adds their logo, brands, company info, and URL to the online store onto the bag. If you need, we can also add your designs and company info.

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Plastic packaging bags for cat food