8oz 226gram Plastic Pouches For Black Peppercorns Packaging

8oz 226gram Plastic Pouches For Black Peppercorns Packaging

Postview: 123       Date:February 20, 2023
  • Style: stand up pouch with zipper lock
  • Material: MDOPE+PVA coating /PE 100% recyclable
  • Merit: Reusable with resealable zipper lock and easy tear
  • MOQ: 5000pcs to 10000pcs
  • Size: 137x250mm+40x2mm
  • Inches: 5.39”x9.84”+3.15”
  • Net weight: 8 oz(226g)

This Premium Pepper bag is designed with one side printing and one side is transparent, our good quality packaging bag can keep your pepper products clear and dry for a long time, and the inside PE film with FDA and CE certificate keeps your product clean and safe for the body healthy.

There is no aluminum foiling inside the bag, and the plastic raw material can be 100% recycled and eco-friendly to the earth.

Our company can also produce 100% compostable material bags if you need them. And you can refer to this link https://www.gozenpackaging.com/pla-bags/ for more info.

If you are interested to do customized printed bags, welcome to send us an email to info@gozenpackaging.com

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