Red Raspberry leaf tea Packaging Bag

Red Raspberry leaf tea Packaging Bag

Postview: 64       Date:July 17, 2023
  • Style: customized print stand up bag
  • Material: PET/VMPET/LDPE
  • Merit:Reusable resistant zipper
  • MOQ:  500pcs
  • Size:  130x210mm+35x2mm
  • Inches:5.12”x8.27”+2.36”
  • Packaging weight: 78g(2.8oz)

This white glossy surface bag is made for Red Raspberry leaf tea. There are three colors printing on this bag design, it is very simple and compact. The bag size is 130mm width and 210mm length, and the bag bottom is 70mm. It can hold 2.8oz leaf tea.

The inside of this bag is with aluminium foiling inside, which can keep the sun shining off the product. If you want to make more anti sun shining bag, we can also do the pure aluminium bag. There are reusable zipper lock on the bag top, it can be closed after opening the bag.

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