Roasted Peanuts Packaging

Roasted Peanuts Packaging

Postview: 176       Date:November 29, 2022

Kraft paper custom stand-up pouches for roasted peanuts packaging

Are peanuts a good snack for building health? The answer is yes. That is also why there are a lot of nuts and peanuts business runners in the healthy snack market.

Roasted peanuts are a nutritious, tasty, and healthy snack. They contain a lot of healthy nutrients, antioxidants, dietary fiber, and vitamins. Peanuts are an important source of protein. These are the merits we need to reflect on our peanut snack packaging bags.

Shiny colors, sharp look, and attractive peanut packaging designs.

Yellow printing with protective lining ideal for UV and moisture protection and a zip lock for easy reclosing for storage.
Heat-sealable flap with tear opening for easy opening.

The bottom thickening design increases the load-bearing capacity of the package, also making the bags stand upright on the shelf better.

  • Packaging Style: stand up zipper pouch.
  • Material: Matte Bopp+White kraft paper+VMPET+PE
  • Merit: Reusable heat-sealed side zipper bag, resealable, with tear notch
  • MOQ: 5.000 to 30.000pcs
  • Size: 210x150mm(size can be customized as you wish)

Attractive retail-friendly designs can be decorated with personalized logos, stamps, labels, and graphics for boosting roasted peanuts sales.

Please contact our team for more if you are also looking at making your own custom-printed roasted peanuts packaging.

Roasted Peanuts Packaging