How do the ordered custom printed packaging bags ship out to you from China?


For international shipment, we currently have a variety of solutions, from efficient to economical ones. There is always a solution or combination of solutions that can perfectly deliver your cargo to your destination.



Gozen Packaging is very happy to cooperate with your designated forwarder to arrange shipment and customs declaration process.

We accept:

  1. Pick-up at our factory
  2. Deliver to your designated address inside China.

If support of customs clearance needed when sending goods to the designated warehouse, which normally involved in FOB terms, please let our sales know in advance so we can offer you more precise data of costs for your comparison and decision.


2.FromChina to the world

2.1 International Express



International express is generally door-to-door by air, without tax and tariff included.

The express companies we have cooperated with are DHL/FedEx/TNT/UPS/Aramax.

Each company has its own specialized lines to specific countries and regions.

Our sales will provide you with the most suitable info of the express company, route and price for your reference when you need.

Of course, If you have a preferred express service, please communicate with our sales representative in advance.


Regarding the delivery time by express, our sales will inform you in advance the estimated transportation time of the express company we choose, but the specific delivery time still needs to be subject to the international express company.


Regarding the import duties and declarations, the freight of international express service generally does not include import tariffs. And the local customs will randomly conduct random inspections and tax deductions on the goods according to the declared amount and HS code of the imported goods. Therefore, neither our company nor the international express company can know or control the specific import tariff rate and the amount of tax that may need to be paid when shipping the goods. If you have special requirements for the declared amount, please communicate and confirm with our sales representative in advance.


2.2 Shipping by air and sea



Air and sea freight lines and service cover the most part of the world by sending goods to the nearest airport and sea port.

Shipping by air and sea freight requires customers to have import experience, who can operate the importing process independently or who can afford to hire import agents to collect goods, declare customs, and pay customs duties instead. Otherwise, the process is complicated and trivial to go through.

Common terms involved are EXW, FOB, CIF, CFR, DDU.


2.3 Tax-included special lines



Tax-included special lines include air, land, sea, and railway. There are different and featured tax-included special lines in different regions and countries.

2.3.1 Door to door by air with tax included is generally more expensive than international express. Because tax and duties are included in advance.

2.3.2 Door to door by land, sea, railway, truck, with tax-included are much cheaper than international express, which is very good option for customers who are not familiar with import procedures and have no import experience.


If you are in a hurry, we can split the goods into two parts. One part by express to your door by air and left by slower economical ways like the door to door by land, sea, railway, and truck.


3.Custom Printed Pouches and Bags Packing for Shipping



Due to the limited load capacity of each carton box, in order to avoid any damage caused by too heavy loading during transportation, the weight of a single box is generally between 15kg and 25kg, so the orders may be delivered in multiple small cartons together.


4.Orderinspection and receipt

When the order is delivered, you can inspect it on the spot.

If you find that the outer packing box is damaged, you can contact our sales representative.

If the number of products in the box is missing, you can contact our sales.

Please take photos and videos in time, and record the evidence in time, so that we can report to logistics department and shipping partners later.

Related claims and complaints can be processed.

If you find quality problems after receiving the goods, please take pictures and video in time, and contact our sales representative in time to negotiate solutions and solve the problems in time.