Stand Up Pouches

Stand Up Pouch Design Features

Stand Up Pouches
Stand Up Pouches
Stand Up Pouches
Stand Up Pouches
Stand Up Pouches
Stand Up Pouches
Stand Up Pouches
Stand Up Pouches
Stand Up Pouches
Stand Up Pouches

Stand Up Pouches

The Really Flexible Packaging Solutions

Stand up pouch or doypacks, styled with a bottom gusset, has become a popular choice and an ideal packaging solution for an expansive range of industries in recent years, as an outstanding packaging solution of flexibility, ease of use, and low cost.

Stand up pouches include additional fitment choices like a recloseable zipper, euro-hole, and tear notches, and laser perforation. Of course, your design will be printed out perfectly via high-quality gravure printing or digital printing, as well as in your own unique shape. The stand-up pouches keep the stored contents fresher and safer for longer periods of time, and they also allow the content to stand tall on store shelves without falling.

Even though most flexible packaging stand up pouches are in laminating film structure, less material is required to manufacture a pouch as compared to other rigid packaging alternatives. As a result, there will be less waste.

More Stand Up Pouches Features

  • Large effective printing area on the front, back, and bottom.
  • Lightweight for lower transport costs
  • Folded design for less storage space needed
  • Easy to open
  • A broad range of material options for different content

Gozeniths|GozenPackaging the stand up pouches manufacturer

Gozen Packaging is a market leader in this industry, manufacturing a wide range of goods for a variety of industries such as cosmetics, food, snack, agricultural, cannabis, tobacco leaves, coffee, whey protein powder, medical, gourmet, popcorn, and many more.

We have a proven track record of achieving all orders on time and delivering the finest quality to our clients. Every project benefits from our decades of manufacturing experience. And our highly trained employees are committed to offering and producing the stand up pouches that meet and exceed every customer’s need.

Are you ready to upgrade from your present packaging to a stand-up pouch? Let us know, and we’ll walk you through the process of developing your concept into a working pouch.

Stand Up Pouches Stand Up Pouches Stand Up Pouches Stand Up Pouches Stand Up Pouches Stand Up Pouches

Custom Stand Up Pouches - Production Views

Stand Up Pouches
Stand Up Pouches
Stand Up Pouches
Stand Up Pouches
Stand Up Pouches
Stand Up Pouches
Stand Up Pouches
Stand Up Pouches
Stand Up Pouches
Stand Up Pouches

Custom Printed Stand Up Pouch Orders Shipment Records

Case Sharing

Stand up white kraft paper pouch with zip lock and window for cannabis packaging
Chicken starter feeds Packaging Bag stand-up pouches custom printing
1kg Premium Plant Protein Powder Packaging
300g Hemp Corn Custom Printing packaging stand up pouches
Dried-fruit California Dates Packaging in K-seal bottom gusset Stand Up Pouches
150gram Superfoods Powder Packaging in Stand Up Pouches
Spout shaped stand up pouch for liquid shampoo, detergents or personal care products refill packing
100g Matcha Powder Packaging Custom Printing Stand Up Pouches
75g Dried fruit packaging with UV spot and zip lock food stand up bag for snack edibles
28gram stand up clear front side packaging bags for cannabis flowers
150g printing spout pouches customized for veggies packaging/stand-up water pouch/ U-sealed liquid bag
Custom Printing pure aluminum stand up printer cartridge bags
Custom printed child-resistant cannabis edibles bags with CR ziplock
50ml Pure PE shaped window packaging bags for Shampoo Packaging
500g Healthy Seeds and Nuts Packaging Bags
Colorful Tea Packaging Custom Printing Stand Up Pouches
FSC paper 40g Dried Oranges Packaging Custom Printed Stand Up Pouches
FSC Paper Computer to Plate CTP Printing 1kg Nuts Ppaer Packaging Bags
Half Pound 250g Coffee Beans Packaging Custom Printed Stand Up Pouches
Recyclable CBD infused gummy worms packaging Bag
Shining Silver Color Printed CBD Gummies Packaging Bags Stand Up Pouches
Varied Seeds Packaging Custom Printed Stand Up Pouches
220g Body Scrub Packaging Custom Printed Stand Up Pouch
30g Matcha Individually printed packaging bag
14-28g Cannabis Packaging Custom printed stand-up pouches for the Canadian market
50g Loose Tea Leaves Packaging Custom Stand Up Pouches
500 grams of original granola personalized printed paper bag
Ground Tobacco Leaves Packaging Custom RYO with childproof zipper
Local Warning Printed Cannabis Packaging – custom stand up pouches
Sugar Free Fit Gummies Custom Packaging Bag
Recyclable Premium Dried Fruit Pear Packaging Bags
50g Wholesale Loose Tea Packaging Custom Printed Stand Up Pouches
1 kg Pan Cake Mix Flour Packaging Bag Custom Stand up pouches
14g Premium Cannabis Flower Metallic Printed Bag with Zip lock in Wide Shape
Dried Orange Slices White Kraft Paper Packaging Bag
Mozzarella Style Nutcheese Packaging Bag Custom Printing
500gram Superfoods Banana Flour Packaging Bags
3.5g CBD flores Holographic Design Packaging Bag
CBD/THC Infused Night Gummies Custom Print Packaging Bag
Red Raspberry leaf tea Packaging Bag
Diamond hologram shining cannabis flower stand up bag
Bissap powder packaging bags custom printing
Cute Monster 14g Indica Sativa CBD flower Packaging Bag
Cannabis Dispensary Exit Bag Soft Touch Stand Up Pouches
Nuts Packaging Custom Printed Stand Up Paper/PLA laminated Bags
Neutral Stock Packaging Bag Stand Up Pouches
Netherlands Seeds Packaging Bags Custom Printed Stand Up Bag
Kraft Paper Flexo Printed Nuts Packaging Custom Printed Stand Up Bags
Hologram Cannabis Packaging Bags
Gorrilla Glue Stand up pouches with reclosable zipper for 3.5gram cannabis flowers
10g Cannabis Flowers Custom Printed packaging stand up pouches
150g Garlic pepper herbs customized stand up pouch
14g Child Proof Zip Lock UV Cannabis Flower Bag
Freeze Dried Lemon slices Kraft Packaging Custom Printed Stand Up Bag
Food packaging custom printed stand up pouch
Edible Gummies Packaging Custom Printed Stand Up Pouch
3.5g Cannabis Flower Metallic Soft Touch Packaging Bags
3.5g Hologram Cannabis Flower Packaging Custom Printed Stand Up Pouches
3.5g Sour junky CBD flower Packaging Bag
200g Organic Chocolate Covered Pretzels Stand Up Pouches
500g Organic Protein Powder Brown kraft paper stand up pouches with reclosable zipper
240g/8.47oz Multinutrient powder packaging bag with metallic print effect
200g Chalk Powder Packaging Bags for Climbing chalk
200g Bath Salts Packaging Bags Spout Stand Up Pouches
140gram Child Proof Customized Printed Stand Up Pouches
120g/4.23oz turmetric latte powder packaging with stand-up pouch with resealable zipper
100g Organic Superfood Powder Brown kraft paper stand up pouches with reclosable zipper
100g/3.5oz Turmeric Powder Packaging Bag
100g Valve Coffee Bags for Coffee Beans
100g Freeze Dried Fruit Packaging Bags Custom Printed Stand Up Bag
3.5g Cannabis Packaging Custom Printed Shape Bags Diecut Bags
3.5g Cannabis Flower Hologram Packaging Custom Printed Stand Up Pouches
2oz/57g diverticulitis tea packaging bag stand up pouches
3.5g stand-up pouch with resealable zipper for wedding cake cannabis flowers
Chia seeds custom printed packaging bags for 1kg capacity
Kratom Powder Packaging Bag
Flower Seeds Packaging Paper Bags Custom Printing
Orange Bud 3.5gram Cannnabis flowers packaging stand up pouches
Eyelash packaging bag stand up zipper bag custom print
3.5gram Amnesia haze cannabis flowers Packaging Pouches
Bone Broth Powder Custom Packaging Bags
Small Fertilizer Packaging Bags
Leaf tea packaging Custom printed bag with zip closure
3.5g Cannabis Flower Stand Up Bag with Childproof Zipper
1KG Foods Packaging Custom Printed Stand Up Pouches
3kg Wood Pallet Packaging Custom Printed Stand Up Pouches
Custom Stand up pouches for 30 supplement tablets packaging
Printed Stand up pouches for Premium Cacao Nibs
500g Tea Packaging Custom Printed Stand Up Bags
Stand up pouches for cannabis flowers packaging
Cannabis flower mylar bags
100g Browney Brittle Custom Printed Stand up bag
Custom Printed Stand up bag for tea packaging
New Die-cut Mylar Bags | Shaped Cannabis Packaging Bags
5gram CBD flower Mylar matte surface black bag packaging
Stand up kraft paper bag for CBD flower
Printed Stand-up pouch Doybags for 240g Superfoods powder
50g or 1.76oz loose herbal tea stand up pouch packaging pouch
Handmade candles Flexible packaging bags
Child resistant Zipper Edibles stand-up pouch for CANNABIS -INFUSED
100g Coffee Bean Or Coffee Powder Packaging Bag With Valve
1.7 Ounces Or 48 Grams Of Almonds In Stand-up Pouch Style Packaging
Organic Catnip Bag With Window design Custom Printing
1g CBD flower Packaging Bag With Window design
CBG Cannabis Flower Packaging Bag Mylar Pouches
Mylar Bags Stand up pouches for CANNABIS flowers
1g Lemon Cannabis Flower Packaging Bag
150g The Patisserie Powder Packaging Bags
1KG Indian Foods Packaging Bags
8th Bag Stand Up Pouches for 3.5g Cookies CBD flowers
210gram Superfoods Powder Packaging in Stand Up Pouches for Celery Collagen Powder
75g Biltong Gold Color Printed Stand Up Pouches
Velcro zippers stand up pouches for storage and packing
500gram Superfood Pea & Rice Organic Protein Powder Packaging
12oz or 341gram Seafood Fry Stand Up Pouch With Zip lock
2g Strawberry Haze CBD flower packaging bag with round corner
150gram 50serves Ginger Spice Blends Powder Packaging
8oz 226gram Plastic Pouches For Black Peppercorns Packaging
3.5g or 8th CBD flowers soft touch Stand-Up Pouches
4OZ 120g Pet Cardiac & Heart Support Supplement Packaging Bags
Stand up mylar bags for 3.5g Cannabis Flowers market
150g Spice blend packaging bag with creative clear window
100gram Organic Turmeric Power Packaging Bag
250g pure MgCo3 Chalk Powder Packaging Bags
0.531b or 240gram multinutrient powder packaging bags
250mg THC gummies black stand up pouches
150g Spice and Seasoning Packaging Bags
250g coffee beans flexible packaging bags with valve
1kg Pancake Mix Powder Packaging Bags
Manicure Beauty Products Packaging
Cannabis Dispensary Packaging Exit Bags
Maca Powder Packaging Bags
Supplement Packaging
Matcha powder Packaging
5oz Custom Candy Bags Packaging
Marijuana CBD Packaging Bags
Custom printed mylar bags
Kraft Marijuana Packaging
100g Browney Brittle Cookies Packaging
Superfood Powder Mix Packaging
Freeze Dried Mangos Packaging
Body Scrub Packaging Bags
3oz Pistachio Packaging Bags
500g Banana Flour Packaging Bag
Roasted Peanuts Packaging
Vegan food Packaging
Toilet Unclogging Chemicals Packaging
Cosmetic Clay Face Mask Packaging Bags
Mylar Exit Bags for Dispensaries
Drink Pouches with Straw for 450ml juice, cocktails and alcoholic drinks
1kg Dead Sea Salt Packaging
Paper Stand Up Pouches for 210g Super Greens Packaging
Custom Stand Up Pouches for 14 OZ (340g) Dog Treats
Kraft Paper Stand-Up Pouches for 210g powder super greens
Stand up pouches for 5oz Dried Fruit Pear
20g Herbal Hemp Tea Packaging Bags
Asian Herb Tea Packaging Bags
250g Protein Smoothie Packaging Pouches
Barrier Stand-Up Pouches for 200g MACA Powder
New Gelatin Packaging: Kraft paper stand-up zipper bag
200g leaf tea stand-up pouch packaging bags with foil lining
Digital Printed Stand up pouches for Tea Packaging
Brew Tea Bags Outside Packaging Stand Up Pouches
1/8oz CBD Flower Child Proof Zipper Lock Stand Up Pouches
100% Recyclable PE//PE laminate Stand Up Pouches for Nuts
Window Stand Up Pouches for White Peppercorns Packaging
New Teatox Packaging: stand up zipper pouch
D8-THC / Delta 8 Gummies Stand Up Pouches
1kg Bio Nutrition Food Powder Stand Up Pouches
Cali weed CBD flower bag
Stand Up Pouches for Organic Shea Butter Packaging
Chia Seeds Superfood Packaging Bags
Stand Up Pouches For Black Maca Root powder Packaging
7oz (200gram) Plastic Body Scrub Bags
Packaging Bags for Exfoliate Powder to Brighten Your Skin
Recolsable zipper stand up pouches for dog treats snack
Healthy Herbal Tea Packaging Bags
Kraft Paper Stand-up Pouches for Flower Seeds
Cosmetics make-up remover pads stand up pouch packaging solution
CMYK custom printed stand up coffee pouches to pack coffee grinding powder
Rotogravure plated printed Pantone color custom printed white Kraft paper stand up coffee bags
Stand up coffee pouches for 250g coffee beans
100g yellow kraft paper organic superfoods packging stand pouch
100g white kraft paper tea packging stand pouch
250g matte white stand up superfoods packaging bags
Biltong and Jerky packaging pouches
Kraft paper stand up tea packaging pouches
Recyclable plastic stand up protein powder packaging bags
Matte transparent stand up zip lock drink bags
Kraft paper stand up snack packaging pouches for peanuts
Stand up spout pouches custom printed with artwork and in specific size according to your requests
PLA packaging bag
Stand up pouch for dried fruit chips snack packaging
Custom printed stand up superfoods packaging pouches
Fast Lead Times Digital Printed Nuts Snack Packaging Stand Up Pouches
Printed Black Marijuana Bags Stand Up Pouch Bags
Foil aluminum added plastic stand up custom pouches made for pet food packaging
LDPE laminated stand up bags
3.5grams cannabis flower cookie stand up pouch
Child zipper stand up pouches for products packaging
Glossy Black Marijuana Bags Stand Up Pouch Dispensary Bags
Cookies Style Printed 3.5g Marijuana Packaging Mylar Bags
Cannabis Packaging Bags For CBD Flowers 1g 3g 5g
CBD Packaging Sativa Bags for 1g/3g/5g Cannabis Flowers
UV Spot white childproof ziplock cannabis edibles pouches
8th Weed Mylar Bag for Cannabis Packaging
Catnips Packaging Bags Custom Printed here
CBD and THC gummies
Creative See Through Shaped Window on the Granola Packaging Pouch

Stand Up Pouches FAQs

-+What is a stand up pouch?

A stand up pouch is a type of package that holds products securely in a sealed, pouch-like space. They’re also known as doy packs, stand up pouches are used for products in almost all industries.

They’re a flexible solution consisting of one or more layers of high-quality materials that keep the products inside fresh and safe from external influences. Stand up pouches, having a bottom gusset, can stand upright, or have spouts, or other features.

-+How customisable are stand up pouches?

Stand up pouches come in a variety of materials, sizes and styles, so they can be fully customized to the product and brand they represent.

  1. Material – such as aluminium, kraft or clear material
  2. Finish – from matte to gloss, and everything in between
  3. Features – windowed sections, punched handles, euro slots, seals, valves and more
  4. Size – anything from small pouches to heavy-duty pouches
  5. Style – classic stand up pouches, spout pouches and child-resistant zipper ones
  6. Print – custom printing onto the pouch to match your brand’s vision
  7. Other – from tear notches to caps, and resealable grip-seal/zipper openings

-+Is stand up pouches recyclable or sustainable?

There’s a lot of confusion among consumers about whether packaging can be recycled and what parts cannot be recycled.

Stand up pouches already reduce the environmental footprint compared to other rigid packaging options.

A stand up pouch can help reduce your product’s impact on the environment. From transportation to waste to how your consumers interact with the packaging after they’ve used it, it all adds up and has a big impact.

To ensure that stand-up pouches are fully recyclable, you can choose the pure 100% LDPE material for your project, and the pouches will be sent to recycling stream 4 after use.

-+Is stand up pouch packaging right for you?

Choosing packaging for your product can be complex because of the many options and different combinations you can use for your final packaging solution.

Stand up pouches can help reduce the complexity of this process because they’re so versatile. They provide protection for your products and can be customized to represent your brand in many different ways.

If you’d like to know more about stand-up pouches, feel free to contact our sales department and you’ll find that stand-up pouches are a really great choice.

-+Can stand up pouches be used in food and beverage industry?

Yes. Stand-up pouches gained their initial popularity in the food and beverage sector, where they provide an easy-to-use package for various juices and single-serve beverages. Today, numerous types of food-grade stand-up pouches grace grocery shop shelves, holding everything from snacks and candy to coffee, sugar and nuts.

-+Can stand up pouches be used for lawn and garden products packaging?

Soil, fertilizer, seed and other lawn and garden products can easily spill if poorly packaged, making them difficult to process and use for retailers and consumers. With a bottom guesset and usually resealable, stand-up pouches stay upright and closed.

-+Are stand up pouches suitable for pet food and treats?

Stand up pouches are convenient packaging for pet food, treats and other pet care products that need to be opened and closed frequently. There are also high barrier materials that keep pet food and treats on the shelf longer. Very good choice for the pet food and treats industry. Example products as below

  • Cat food
  • Dog food
  • Horse feed
  • Bird food
  • Fish food
  • Rabbit & Guinea Pig food
  • Chinchilla food

-+Can stand up pouches used for personal care, bath and cosmetics products?

From cleaning products and refills in dispensers with spouts to disposable cosmetics and personal care products, stand-up pouches offer attractive packaging that consumers love to use to squeeze out every last drop of their favorite products. Far more better than bottles and products in stand up pouches are easy to carry in the journey. Suitable cases as examples below

  • Face masks
  • Skin creams
  • Sea salts
  • Makeup
  • Soaps, gels & sanitisers
  • Toiletries
  • Sanitary products

-+Are stand up pouches suitable for heavy duty industrial products and chemicals?

With selected materials and protective barrier films – as well as options such as spouts, heavy-duty zippers and tear notches – stand up pouches provide safe and effective packaging for chemical products, industrial products such as car waxes or lubricants.

And the specially designed bottom like K-seal and corner-bottom pouches are particularly well-suited for packaging these products, as they limit the risk of punctures or leaks and are easy to store and brand.

-+Can stand up pouches used to pack soft drinks and alcoholic drinks?

Stand-up pouches, especially spout pouches, offer a modern alternative to traditional beverage packaging and help your product stand out from the competition. The flexibility of pouches makes them easy to fill with liquids, empty or squeeze so your customers can consume the last drop. Example suitable beverage as below:

  • Cocktails
  • Spirits
  • Wine
  • Smoothies
  • Energy drinks
  • Juices
  • Soda
  • Water

-+What are mostly used materials to make stand up pouches?

  • Kraft paper
  • Matte BOPP
  • BOPP
  • PET
  • Matte Oiled PET
  • Aluminum
  • LDPE

-+Is it food grade materials that you use in production of stand up pouches?

We use FDA-approved food-grade BPA-free plastic films as raw materials.

You are welcome to contact our sales to have the testing reports.

-+What is stand up pouches MOQ?

Details as below:

Stand up pouch

Bulk order MOQ 5000pcs per design.
When quantity reaches 10000pcs, the unit price looks better.

Trial order MOQ 500pcs per design.
Or you can also try to understand it in this way, it takes around USD500 as the minimum set-up cost to have bags custom printed.

Sometimes, we have very big promotion prices far less than USD500 for some specified sizes of the bags. Contact our sales team today to obtain the promotion details now!

-+What is your stand up pouches sizes?

As you know these are custom stand up pouches. We basically make any size you need.

Regularly, the bags can hold coffee in 100gms, 250gms, 500gms, 1kg, 2kg, 3kg, 4kg, 5kg.

-+Is there something I need to know about the stand up pouches?

Gozeniths manufacture a variety of stand up pouches. We are able to custom the stand up pouches from size, materials, to your very specific design of yours.

See-through window can also be added on the stand up coffee pouches if coffee is going to be consumed in half-year and placed where there is no strong light.

-+Can see-through window design applied on stand up pouches?

Our answer is yes, if the coffee products are going to be consumed in short term, like 5-6 months and kept out of the reach by sunlight.

-+What factors I need to take into consideration when considering stand up pouch?

Stand up pouch is a very popular choice to replace other expensive packaging forms.

If you want to find sth cheaper than stand up pouch, it is suggested to go with popular styles of flat pouch.

-+How should we seal the stand up pouches after filling?

All of our coffee packaging bags are heat sealable. You can use a impulse heat sealer or continuous band sealer machine to heat seal them smoothly.

-+Do you have related stand up pouch machines on sale?

Yes. From heat sealing to packing machines, we have them all. Please contact our sales tea for more details.

-+Do you charge for plate set up costs?

We don’t charge plate set up costs.

Only there is Minimum Order Quantity request for the gravure plate printing. For the detailed MOQ for each bag type, please find MOQ FAQ answers on this page.

-+May I know the material structure of your bags? Are they matte? Are they glossy?

The regular material structure are as below.
We have matte, glossy or UV PET types as you need.

Matte types

  • PET with matte oil/VMPET/PE
  • PET with matte oil/AL/PE
  • Soft touch film/AL/PET/PE
  • Soft touch film/VMPET/PE
  • Kraft/VMPET/PE
  • Kraft/AL/PE

Glossy types


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