Rollstock film suits better for small capacity foods packaging bags

Rollstock film suits better for small capacity foods packaging bags

Postview: 116       Date:May 11, 2023

Small packaging bags are often used in food packaging

Rollstock film suits better

Small packaging bags are mostly used for liquids, powders, small particles, large particles, and other products in all applications, especially in the food and snack industry.

The material of the small packaging bag is no different from that of the traditional packaging bag. The smaller the bag size is, the more difficult it is to produce, because any machine equipment has tolerances, and extremely high precision is required in the production of bags, otherwise the error rate will increase greatly and the material loss will be enormous, which is very bad for the production management and product packaging cost.

Considering the difficulty of producing small, mini, and tiny packaging bags, it is recommended to use packaging roll film, which can not only save a process and avoid losses but also save prices.

You are welcome to contact us for the packaging film custom printing cost and evaluation. According to our experience, if we use roll stock, the cost will be greatly reduced and time can be saved.

Customers who make packaging roll film for the first time may have questions

How is the roll film made into bags? The process of making bags from roll film is carried out by automatic packaging machines.

During the production of packaging roll film, the position of the electric eye is marked to help the machine identify it. The packaging machine fills the products during the production of bags, which greatly improves production efficiency

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