50ml Pure PE shaped window packaging bags for Shampoo Packaging

50ml Pure PE shaped window packaging bags for Shampoo Packaging

Postview: 26       Date:September 10, 2023
  • Packaging style: stand-up pouches with reclosable zipper, easy tear, and creative-shaped window.
  • Material: UV spot BOPE//PVA ct//PE, (Glossy or Matte up to you) 100% recyclable and eco-friendly in mono-material
  • Merit: Smell-proof, Moisture-proof, Heat-sealable, Waterproof
  • MOQ: 1000pcs per design as a trial order and 10000pcs as a bulk order, according to your requests.
  • Size: 150X170+25X2mm for 50ml loading capacity

Also, the Size can be customized as you wish

The use of environmentally friendly, recyclable packaging has now become an industry trend. In this case, the client used pure 100% PE stand-up pouches to package Shampoo liquid.

The use of pure PE material ensures the freshness of the food while also having good barrier properties. It achieves the effect of being moisture-proof, smell-proof, and water-proof.

Besides, we use PVA coating to enhance the barrier property to make sure the shelf life.

What’s more, when we design the bags, we shape it with a K-bottom with a plough design, so it stand stable when loaded with liquid inside.

Clients use the stand-up pouch design so that the products can be placed stably on the shelves. The Reclosable zipper is designed for easy storage of products.

Perfect for liquid products, pet treats, and food items which require high sealing. Contact our Sales team to discuss your specific product via info@gozenpackaging.com

Pure PE shaped window packagingPure PE shaped window packagingPure PE shaped window packaging