Custom printing plastic pet food packaging bags

Custom printing plastic pet food packaging bags

Postview: 199       Date:November 30, 2022

Flat bottom bags for 1.8 kg puppy dog food

  • Packaging style: flat bottom pouches with reclosable zipper
  • Material: PET+Nylon+PE ( Glossy, Matte, or mixed up to you)
  • Merit: Smell-proof, Moisture-proof, Heat-sealable, Waterproof
  • MOQ: 1000pcs per design as a trial order and 10000pcs as a bulk order, according to your requests
  • Size: 1.8KG capacity
  • Also, the Size can be customized as you wish

In this case, the client chose a gradient pink as the background color and printed the image of a puppy on the front to show that this is a dog food designed for puppies. The client also uses a reclosable zipper to facilitate consumer storage.

On the back of the bag, the method of replacing the new dog food is printed. It avoids the discomfort of the puppy caused by the change of food.

Many clients are confused why is the main difference between PA/PE and PET/PE. This case is the perfect answer to that question.

This bag is filled with Nylon because the client needs to transport the product to another city after packing it. Also, the net weight of the product is 1.8kg, which means that the bag may be broken during long-distance transportation.

Then adding nylon is a good solution. Compared with PET/PE, PA/PE has good toughness and can resist puncture. It can reduce the case of bag breakage.

Moreover, the client adds their logo, brands, company info, and URL to the online store onto the bag. If you need, we can also add your designs and company info.

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Custom printing plastic pet food packaging bags