Organic Catnip Bag With Window design Custom Printing

Organic Catnip Bag With Window design Custom Printing

Postview: 138       Date:March 14, 2023
  • Style: Stand-up bag with an oval-shaped window in the front
  • Material: PET/PE
  • Merit: Reusable with resealable zipper lock and easy tear
  • MOQ: 500pcs to 1000pcs
  • Size: 130x190mm+76mm
  • Inches: 5.12”x7.48”+2.99”
  • Packaging net weight: 1oz(28g) catnip

Our newly designed and made stand-up bag for organic catnip features a cute cat on the front of the bag and a round, clear window through which you can see the product inside.

The bag does not contain aluminum foil. It is made from PET and PE raw materials certified by FDA and CE.

You can rest assured that our bag’s raw materials are odorless and clear for pet food. Our company can also produce 100% compostable material bags and 100% recyclable bags for you.

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Organic Catnip BagOrganic Catnip Bag