Recyclable CBD infused gummy worms packaging Bag

Recyclable CBD infused gummy worms packaging Bag

Postview: 31       Date:September 9, 2023
  • Style: Custom Printed Stand Pouches with window
  • Material: 100% recyclable pure LDPE//LDPE
  • Merit: Reusable with easy tear zipper lock and hang hole
  • MOQ:  Small quantity solution from 1000pcs
  • Size: 100x160mm+25x2mm
  • Inches: 3.93”x6.29”x1.97”
  • Packaging weight: 15gummies

This bag with a glossy surface is intended for CBD-containing gummy worms. It is 100 mm wide and 160 mm high and can hold 15 gummy worms.

The raw materials we use for this bag are laminated polyethene only, which is odourless and has a barrier effect.

The bag is without aluminium foil inside and has a transparent window on the back.

As the gummy bears contain less than 0.3% THC, the bag should be kept out of reach of children and pets. We can also fit the bag with a child-proof zip if you wish.

Send us your pouch needs, we will provide you with the best printing solution for your pouches!

CBD-infused gummy worms Packaging BagCBD-infused gummy worms Packaging Bag buttonwindow design on the backno foil lining pure LDPE 100% recyclable