Small Fertilizer Packaging Bags

Small Fertilizer Packaging Bags

Postview: 93       Date:June 13, 2023
  • Fertilizer Packaging: stand- up zipper bag.
  • Stand- up zipper bag for fertilizer product.
  • Packaging Style: stand- up zipper bag.
  • Material: VMPET+PE
  • Merit: Reusable heat-sealed side zipper bag,resealable, with tear notch
  • MOQ:25.000 to 30.000pcs
  • Size:300x215mm(size can be customized as you wish)

Traditional fertilization comes from natural or organic sources. In the 19th century, artificial fertilizers were gradually developed. Artificial fertilizers can help large-scale cultivation of agricultural products, and they are also environmentally friendly and green.

Our fertilizer zipper stand up bags are also made of safe material.

Using food-grade packaging materials, PET+food-grade PE.

The zipper on the top of the bag makes it easy to store and pack your products.

The u-tears on both sides make it easy for you to open the package, the capacity is large, and the bag is durable.

With an aluminum layer, it creates a high barrier to protect the contents of the bag, preventing product damage from UV rays, moisture, etc.

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