Varied Seeds Packaging Custom Printed Stand Up Pouches

Varied Seeds Packaging Custom Printed Stand Up Pouches

Postview: 29       Date:September 9, 2023
  • Style: Custom printed stand-up pouch with zip closure
  • Material: PET //VMPET//PE
  • Size: 140×190+30X2mm
  • Thickness: 120micron per side

The bag is designed and manufactured for packing seeds, grains, seeds, zads and seedlings.

The width of the bag is 140mm, the height is 190mm and the bottom gusset is 30×2 mm.

No specific net weight of the products is printed and marked on the outside of the package. If you are a seeds supplier, you need to know that there are so many different types of seeds that you can and perhaps will bring to market. The different seeds have different shapes and weights, so the weight of the packaging varies depending on the contents.

But we still need beautiful and printed packaging to protect and promote our seeds. Right?

What should we do then? Yes, we should use a universal custom-printed bag with our seed company logo, our benefits, our slogan and value and even our delivery options.

When we fill the bags, we just need to mark them or put a nameplate on them so that customers can identify them.

As we get bigger and have a bigger market share, we can subdivide the packaging bags from universal bags to bags with detailed seed print on the outside. It is a process and a way to grow in the market.

The material structure of the bag is PET //VMPET// PE. So the surface of the bag is glossy. This bag is printed in 5 colours, the colours are brown, blue, gold, white and red.

It is a neutral design because once a lot of design or colour printing is involved, the cost of the bag becomes very high, so most customers generally opt for a neutral design + labelling scheme, you can From the picture you can see that the gold part on the front can be labelled, such as different vegetable images.

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